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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve & streamline the fragmented and disjointed home improvement process one project at a time.

Houseace is the the easiest way to improve your home, it all starts with the instant quoting engines which generate a fixed and final price 60 seconds flat. If you like the price and decide you want to use Houseace to complete the project we’ll then hand pick you a local vetted, licensed & insured contractor, then manage the project from setup to cleanup through the project portal.

Why We Did It?

We believe homeowners want and deserve transparent prices to make better buying decisions.

We’ve all lived through or heard a nightmare story from friends and family — high pressure salespeople, cost overruns, a timeline not followed, a lack of communication, products that don’t last, and shoddy workmanship. Home improvement needed fixing.

We redefined the entire experience starting with a wide selection of high quality services, customised online pricing, personal service on each step from setup to cleanup. Our tradespeople are the best in the business with an average of 5 years experience, complete insurance coverage, and all the required licenses and certifications.

Houseace is the simple, smart way to get your project done. Our easy-to-use platform allows homeowners to see their exact project price, including labour & material in minutes. And our dedicated personal service on each step makes the process to update your home more simple & more transparent.

It takes a great contractor to pick a good one

See our full vetting process here:
Our Criteria

  • What we look for:
  • 5+ Years in The Trades
  • Active license
  • Liability Insurance
  • Top Ratings & Reviews

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