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Bedroom Flooring Trends for 2023

by Jonny S | 13/10/2021

Each year, a new flooring trend is introduced, and it becomes something that people become more inclined towards. Because of its newness, it becomes extremely popular. Flooring trends are actually considered to be one of the essential parts of house décor. 

Modern technology allows you to visualise what you want your floors to look like, and even helps you create the style most suited for your home. 

In the past few years, hardwood flooring was extremely popular. It is believed that in 2020 a new trend is about to become a favourite, bringing with it originality and excitement. Most of the time, flooring trends become internationally popular, Vinyl flooring in Sydney being one of them.

More than anything, the flooring in your bedroom is the most important. Your bedroom floor is the one that cannot be compromised on. It has to be according to your taste. 

This article will help you narrow down top flooring trends that are most likely to become popular in 2020, so you can get a head start on designing your home. It may seem challenging to find and create a flooring arrangement by yourself, but it is a lot easier than you think.

Luckily, flooring trends don’t usually go out of style. Nowadays, they stick around and stay trendy for a long time. 2018 brought the trend of mineral streaks and knots, which had its unique aesthetics. Since then, styles have evolved with 2019, focusing on a darker tone. 2020 has been predicted to bring a flooring trend of faux wood, which is of plain colours like beige, grey, and opaque tones. The colour spectrum is now going from darker tones to lighter tones, and the results of that could be quite amazing.

2020 will be consistent in hard surfaces such as wood, laminate, tile, and vinyl. Replication of natural wood is also one of the prominent trends for 2020, bringing a cheaper alternative to more expensive trends like real wood. The replication is made from tiles that are designed to look like wood. In which case, they look the same, but the ones made from tiles are waterproof.

So, let’s get started on the biggest bedroom flooring trends of 2020. Here is what is predicted to be the most popular style of the coming year.


  • Blonde or Fair Glossy Tiles


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This style not only looks glamorous, but the feel of it is nice too. There is a great feeling of walking on glossy tiles that makes you want to have them in your home. Though glossy tiles have been known to get stained easily, having them in your bedroom makes them less likely to get anything spilled on as compared to having them in your kitchen or bathroom. The blonde glossy tiled look brings a light colour into your bedroom and adds brightness to the overall look. Plus, it is appealing to look at.

  • Light Vinyl Hardwood


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Vinyl hardwood has been known to be the most effective in places with high moisture, like a bathroom or kitchen. However, they also look great in bedrooms. Plus, vinyl hardwood itself is cheaper and more attainable. They also last considerably long and match with almost any kind of furniture. Light vinyl hardwood has been one of the most popular styles for the past two years. This doesn’t seem to go out of trend any time soon – which is why it’s definitely on the list of trends for 2020.


  • Laminate, Vinyl or Tiled light Grey and Bleached Blends


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Grey is a colour that has several different tones. 2019 has been a year where the flooring trends were on the darker colour spectrum. But, as mentioned before, with 2020, the focus will be on the lighter side. Grey and bleached blends are becoming part of the trend with their cool tones that aren’t too harsh. These colours are also more neutral for blending in with most furniture and won’t create too much contrast in your bedroom. Compared to the darker grey tones, lighter grey and bleached tones also give a softer look.


  • Light toned Wood


Image Source

Lighter tones of wood have also been one of those trends that have been popular for the past few years. This neutral coloured tone goes with almost any type of furniture and provides a sense of warmth in the bedroom. This tone can also be used in laminate, vinyl, and tiled flooring too. You can match practically anything with this type of flooring. Plus, the lighter tones are soft on the eyes.


  • Distressed or Textured Flooring


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Some floors often look like they have a texture to them, but in reality, that is just the look of the tiles or the wood. These types of floors look just as real as actual wood. Textured floors usually undergo some process that gives them the desired result, in which case the wood is not usually authentic. Distressed flooring gives a rustic and old vibe to your floor, and the result is quite stunning. It goes through an artificial ageing process that makes it look old and slightly worn out.

Now that you know what styles are in store for 2020, you should get started on finding the right place to get your flooring from.

Remember that flooring is just as important in decorating a house as the furniture and everything else. The right flooring creates the right atmosphere, and it starts in your bedroom. However, before you start looking for places to get your flooring installed, you need to keep a few things in mind. 

  • Flooring depends on what your home is like. 
  • Common household pets such as dogs, for example, can slip and hurt themselves easily on smooth floors such as glossy tiles. 
  • Vinyl flooring is best for being water resilient, which is why you should opt for that kind of floor if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain. Laminate floors tend to absorb water more, so be careful when installing those floors.

Most importantly, opt for the floors that are easy to maintain, look the best to you, and are durable. After all, it’s your home where they will be used. Hopefully, all the floor trends of 2020 are something that will suit to your liking and create the mood you are looking for.

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