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How to Turn Your Backyard into a Staycation Resort

by Jonny S | 14/08/2020

Covid-19 is certainly taking its toll throughout Australia, particularly in Victoria right now. Many have lost their jobs and financial security and it’s having a significant effect on our mental health. For those in Melbourne who are under stage 4 restrictions many are feeling trapped and under stress.

We will one day get through this together and find ourselves in a new normal. For now, while stuck at home, we hope this article provides some positivity and helps you make the most of what is a terrible situation. 

Before we know it, the summer months and holiday season will be approaching. While there is no certainty normal holiday travel will be open by Christmas, there are things you can do to set yourself up for an amazing vacation at home, known as a staycation.

There are many benefits with taking a staycation and making the most of time together as a family. Why not take the money you’d normally spend on a summer holiday and invest it into your backyard, transforming into a resort style oasis that you can enjoy for many years?

Below are a few tips that may help you plan for your own backyard resort.



There’s nothing quite like spending time outdoors during the holiday season. A great holiday is often about enjoying the scenery around you and slowing down to appreciate its beauty. While a holiday resort might give you a beautiful view that you can’t replicate at home, you can create a similar feel with your landscaping. Consider your favourite holiday destinations and what landscaping the resorts used.

A beautiful garden is a great way to create a sense of relaxation and invites you to spend more time outdoors. If you’ve got the budget for it, a swimming pool or spa is a great option however a simple water feature can also provide a great effect.

Consider the style of resort you want to replicate. Colourful flowers and ornamental plants may give your backyard the visual effect you are looking for. If you’ve put the time into designing the landscaping, you’ll experience a great sense of satisfaction when it’s complete. 


Pergolas and Patios

Australian summers can be incredibly hot. To enjoy your outdoor space, consider the shade you might need. Considering the design style of your pergola and pavers and how it could replicate the style of your favourite resorts. Are you going for a sophisticated, modern resort feel or maybe a tropical island feel? The finishing touches can make all the difference. 

Your pergola or patio will define your outdoor living space. It can also showcase your landscaping if it’s positioned well. Open it up to the most beautiful outlook in your backyard and screen off anything that’s unsightly such as your hot water service or garden shed. 



The evenings spent at a holiday resort can be a great social experience. For some resorts, there can be a real party vibe and for others it’s a great family time. During a staycation, the evening can also be the best part of the day. 

Great lighting sets the mood in an outdoor setting. Backlighting your garden can be a great way to highlight aspects of your landscaping such as water features you may have installed. For some a cosy fireplace or fire pit might also be suitable for the climate and resort style you are going for.

Good lighting provides a resort style ambiance to your backyard. There are several design options to consider that can be tailored for a broad range of styles and tastes.


Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to vacations, a hammock swinging between two palm trees often springs to mind. Nothing says holiday, like resting in a hammock or an outdoor swing. If you’ve not got trees to tie your hammock to, there are freestanding options available these days. Imagine yourself laying back with a great book, a drink or maybe some shut-eye.

Depending on the resort styling you are looking to achieve, maybe a few outdoor beanbags or traditional styled wicker furniture may also suit your backyard.


Outdoor Cooking

We Australians love a good barbeque. Outdoor cooking has come a long way over the years. There’s now elaborate outdoor kitchen options that can help make cooking part of the resort style experience. A good outdoor kitchen helps to keep the whole family outdoors and enjoy the experience together. It’s also a great way to entertain guests when we’re no longer social distancing.

By working on your backyard to create a resort style staycation, it gives you a sense of satisfaction in what you’ve achieved. It could be just the project you need at this time. You may experience a sense of relief, just by working in your backyard and you will also enjoy the fruit of your labour all the more when the time comes for your staycation.



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