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Innovative Technology to Add to Your Next Home Renovation  – [2023]

by Jonny S | 13/11/2021

Constantly evolving technology makes it easier to make your home more efficient. These gadgets can also increase convenience and safety. Be sure to add the following devices if you’re looking to remodel your home. 

1. USB-C Outlets 

These outlets make it more convenient to charge multiple devices so you can power your phone and laptop in one place. The USB ports allow you to get rid of bulky adapters and free up space. In addition, compared to standard USB devices, USB-C can charge electronics 20 times faster. This means less energy is wasted. 

2. Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat will adjust to your ideal temperature. It can also conserve energy by turning off when you’re away and kicking back on when you come home. The energy efficiency of the device can save you around $140 on your heating bills. 

In addition, the thermostats provide convenience by connecting to your phone, allowing you to control them remotely. Some gadgets let you monitor your energy usage, as well. You can use this data to make adjustments and reduce costs. 

3.  Innovative Lighting 

Instead of reaching for the light switch, you can use your phone to brighten things up. Smart lights also provide energy savings by using LED bulbs, which use 75% less energy than incandescent ones. You can pair them with your other voice assistants, like Alexa, to use voice commands to control illumination. 

They are also available in various settings, such as multicoloured. Changing the colour of the room can create the perfect ambiance when entertaining. 

4. Automatic Blinds 

Adding remote-controlled blinds makes it easier to protect your privacy. It also eliminates the need to strain yourself reaching for those higher-up curtains. You can set a schedule for when the blinds open and close, increasing energy efficiency. Closing your drapes during sunnier days protects your furniture from damage. 

Motorised blinds can even increase your security. The device will operate when you’re not home, making intruders think someone is there. 

5. Smart Garage Door Openers

This device will alert you when your garage door is open or closed. If you leave it open while doing yard work, it will notify you so you can close it right away. Knowing the status of your garage door is vital to protect your home from thieves. 

Plus, it’s more convenient to operate your entryway from inside your home. You can also link the opener to other intelligent devices, such as your security camera. 

6.  Upgraded Appliances 

Today’s technology is finding its way into the kitchen. Many appliances now come with innovative features, such as food thermometers that can connect to the internet. Smart ovens sometimes come with built-in cameras so you can keep an eye on your meals from the couch. 

You can monitor your appliances from any room while entertaining. The devices can even increase your home’s resale value. 

Here are some upgraded appliances to consider adding:

  • Refrigerator
  • Blender 
  • Coffee maker
  • Wi-Fi-connected instant pot 
  • Dishwasher 

7.  Smart Doorbells 

These doorbells allow you to see what is going on at your home from anywhere. They have security features, such as motion detection, pattern recognition and video recording. For better peace of mind, the device also alerts you when a visitor is at your home. 

Having a video doorbell can provide convenience, as well. If you’re waiting for a package, you don’t have to stay home all day. 

8. Smart Security Cameras

Security is a top priority as you spend more time at home, and smart cameras allow you to monitor your house remotely. Look for motion-sensing features that will alert you to any suspicious activity. 

Some systems also offer two-way communication to speak to the person in front of the camera. If you’re home alone, it allows you to talk to the delivery person from inside. In addition, look for a camera that operates on battery power so you have more flexibility when placing the camera. 

9. Speakers 

There are many intelligent speakers available from companies like Google and Alexa. These virtual assistants help complete various everyday tasks, such as cooking. You can simply use the voice command to look up a recipe. The devices are also perfect for hands-free control when you need to make a call or check the weather. 

Here are some other functions your intelligent device can perform:

  • Play your favourite song
  • Access the news
  • Set a timer
  • Read you audiobooks
  • Tell a joke 

10. Robotic Vacuum

Robotic technology can also help with tasks such as cleaning. Autonomous machines allow you to spend more time with family and do things you love. You will just need to designate a specific space for the device to clean. Some can even be controlled through an app for further convenience. 

Another benefit is the vacuum works on many surfaces, such as carpets and wooden floors. Some more advanced options can transition between different materials in one session. 

Best Technology to Add to Your Home 

Renovating your home gives it a brand new look, and incorporating technology increases efficiency and provides you with more convenience. Consider buying some of these tech gadgets for your next remodeling project.

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