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Our Contractor Matching Process

by Jonny S | 21/10/2022

Working with the right contractor is necessary for a successful renovation/remodelling project. We can help you find a suitable party to work with through our contractor matching procedure.

If you’re curious about how you can find a good contractor through Houseace’s matching process, keep on reading till the end.

Finding a Suitable Contractor

The first step that we take in our contractor matching process is finding a suitable expert in your area.

To do this, we start off by searching for contractors near your location and shortlisting them with regard to the skill/expertise required for your project as well as the necessary licensing.

In other words, we look for contractors in your town/city that are skilled in the type of project that you require for your home and are authorised/licensed to undertake it.

After this process, we move on to look at the project history of the shortlisted candidates. During this phase, we filter out the contractors with the highest number of positive ratings and feedback. Then, we take a look at their project history to determine whether any of them has worked in your particular building or not. (This applies if you are living in a shared apartment building.)

In our experience, we have seen that a contractor who is already familiar with the infrastructure and requirements of a building is much better equipped for handling a project based in it. 

The last step of shortlisting the actual contractor is to simply check whether they are available for completing the project within your required deadline.

Arranging a Meet-Up

After we’ve matched you with a suitable contractor, we advise getting in touch with them to arrange a meet-up at your convenience. During the meet-up, you can get to know the contractor and have them take a look at your home. You can also talk about any specific requirements for the project.

With our contractor matching process, you get to work together with an expert who you are comfortable with. During the meet-up, you can ask questions and talk about the project in detail. Plus, you can keep yourself updated with any developments that may arise during the project itself.

If, after meeting with the contractor, you don’t feel comfortable working with them on your project, we’ll start from step one and find you someone else with the same level of expertise and the same availability. Assuming that we are unable to do so, we will simply refund your deposit without any problems.

Your Feedback is Necessary

After the project is complete, we wait for your feedback on your overall experience with the contractor. This will help the contractor make improvements in any lacking areas, and it will also help us understand where to match the contractor the next time we have a project at hand.

Here at Houseace.com.au, you can rely on us for your renovation project from the start of the process till the end. We will help you find the right contractor for the job following the process elaborated above.

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