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5 Smart Home Trends That Will Inspire You – [2023]

by Jonny S | 18/02/2020

Image Credit: Unsplash

Smart homes have multiple connected devices you control from a central hub or smartphone. You choose the devices you want to automate and personalise the features as you like – from a coffee machine programmed to have your morning cup ready as soon as you get out of bed to a heater that warms up your interiors before you get home. 

Well-designed systems can have all your devices and systems working in a harmonised way together for convenience and seamless experience. So which are the most exciting smart-home trends to consider for your household in the coming year?


  1. Intelligent home security

Smart technology has always proven its worth in home security, and its utility and sophistication in this area are likely to continue growing in 2020. This year, smart home security systems will offer even more remote access and monitoring features. 

In the coming year, more households will control their alarms and door locks from their phones. Smart locks will replace keys with your phone and offer one-time entry codes for contractors like cleaners. Your system will be able to identify visitors by using facial and voice recognition.


  1. Automated kitchens

How much time do you spend thinking about, buying, and preparing food? What if your kitchen appliances could take care of the details for you? Think of your kitchen appliances quietly making your coffee and preparing dinner for you as you go about your day. 

Smart fridges monitor the temperature and alert you when food goes off. You can use them to order groceries and meals, and get recipe ideas based on the fridge contents Use your smartphone to turn on the oven and have dinner ready when you arrive home and set up appliances to report issues to the manufacturer.


  1. Smart gardening

Your interiors have reaped the benefits of smart technology, and now it’s time for your garden and lawn to catch up. One of the most exciting trends in smart gardening is in bringing the humble lawnmower into the digital age – with robot lawnmowers. 

Sit back and let your lawnmower bot do the hard work. These bots are also likely to be more energy-efficient. The smartest lawnmower bots automatically adapt motor power depending on the condition of the grass so you’re not using more energy than you need to.


  1. Gesture controls

Voice commands might be convenient, but if you prefer the naturalness and intuitiveness of hand gestures, you can now add these controls to your smart display – your smart home control panel – and other smart tools around your house. 

For example, you can set up your smart display to turn down the music when you hold a finger to your lips or if you hold up your hand for silence. There’s a practical benefit too: in a noisy room, it can be hard to use voice commands.


  1. Alerts and notifications

Real-time monitoring might be a selling point for some smart-home features, but what if householders didn’t need to initiate check-ins and constantly monitor their phones? With the latest smart home technologies, you can set up alerts for just about any type of triggering event. 

For example, get a text on your phone or a sound notification throughout the house when a package is delivered. Leaking pipes, garage doors left open, and overheating stove-tops are other possible alterable events. 



Smart home tech is enabling incredible new levels of responsiveness and automation inside your home. Automated temperature control, including by-room heating and cooling; air purification; lighting; and entertainment have been around for years.

In the coming years, it’s likely more smart homes will be adopting cutting-edge technologies like gesture controls and smart security systems. Smart homes aren’t about gimmicks but delivering real benefits for you and your family. 

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