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Using New Neutrals to Create Calm but Uplifting Space in 2023

by Jonny S | 25/05/2023

When most people think of neutrals, ‘exciting’ and ‘inspiring’ aren’t exactly the first two adjectives that spring to mind. In fact, most of the time, neutral colours will be unjustly awarded the epithets ‘boring’, ‘uninspiring’, or simply ‘blah’. However, neutrals don’t necessarily have to be underwhelming or boring. In fact, they can be quite useful in interiors as they act as the perfect backdrop for other, more prominent elements. That said, neutrals don’t have to include only grays, beiges, and whites. In recent years, we’ve seen the emergence of new neutrals, with hues such as mint, lavender, peach, lilac, and tea rose set to conquer the hearts of many interior design enthusiasts. If renovating your home is on your agenda, here’s how you can use new neutrals to elevate your living space and bring a dash of serenity to your interiors.

Soft, neutral bed linen and throw pillows for the bedroom

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries – they’re places where we are able to completely relax and unwind. Because of that, it makes sense that you’d do your best to make them as calming and peaceful as possible. New neutrals can provide the perfect base for your bedroom design, so using them to create a tranquil backdrop is a great place to start. Go for a neutral hue for your base, and then include some patterns and textures in order to enhance visual interest. This can easily be done with the help of bed linen and throw pillows – these are some of the quickest and cheapest ways to adopt this trend at home. Play with different geometric patterns, mix them together and vary their sizes, but use similar hues just to be on the safe side.

Neutral rugs for achieving balance in your living room

When it comes to the living room, the new neutral trend is easily implemented through the use of rugs. Perfect for creating a fresh and clean living room design, rugs in new neutral hues work for a majority of design styles so there are no boundaries to implementing this exciting trend. Whether your living room calls for a patterned Scandi rug, a soft and cozy wool rug, or something simple yet sophisticated such as a monochrome rug, you can check out some of Miss Amara curated collections and find something for yourself. Other than exuding charm, neutral rugs will also make your living room look more polished and put-together, not to mention how they make for the perfect bases if you’re into layered rug look.

Bright bathroom tiles and accessories for a spa-like feel

Just like our bedrooms, bathrooms also need to be calming and serene. They’re the two places where we can have some time to ourselves, away from the activities of the household. As such, they call for neutral hues, milky tones that remind of freshness and cleanliness of spa salons. If you’re thinking about remodeling the bathroom, consider swapping your dark tiles for something lighter. Pastel hues work great for bathrooms, but if you are feeling inspired, you can also go for patterns in warm neutrals. Make those colors work for you by installing tiles from floor to ceiling – it’ll create a feeling of spaciousness and make your bathroom feel light and airy. Be sure to add some towels, bathrobes, and bathroom decor in new neutral hues as the soft finishing touches.

Neutral backsplashes and glassware for a harmonious kitchen

The kitchen, along with the living room and the dining room, is one of the social spaces in our homes, and because of that, it needs to merge seamlessly with the rest of the living space. That’s not to say that they all need to be the same neutral hue. However, you should strive to create a sense of continuity, and there are different ways to achieve that. If your budget allows for it, consider swapping your backsplash for some soft hues such as muted pastels, or change things up a bit by installing new cabinets. Displaying pastel-hued glassware, china, and tea towels are also effective ways of implementing the new neutrals trend into your cooking space.

Window treatments and upholstery for a sophisticated dining room

Last but not least, the fifth method of injecting this trend into your living space is incorporating new neutrals in your dining room. If you’re feeling like taking on a DIY project, consider reupholstering your dining chairs in neutral, pastel fabrics and patterns. Also, think about swapping your window treatments for something more up-to-date. You can play with texture and patterns here as well, and you can also layer your window treatments to add visual interest. Either way, both ideas are sure to give your dining room a trendy makeover without you spending too much money.


New neutrals can be equally as exciting as any bold colour, and when used wisely, they can completely transform the feel of a space and make it feel calm and relaxing. They also work for a variety of design styles, they can make a room feel more spacious, and they never go out of style. So, if you’re looking to transform your home and create a calm but uplifting space this year, this trend is something you should definitely try out.


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