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What to look for in a Sydney House Painter – [2023]

by Jonny S | 28/11/2018

Looking for the right tradesperson to undertake house painting services can be a confusing and painful process, you only get one chance when choosing the right person for the job and failure to do so can cause some major headaches in the long run.

Here at Houseace we’ve got the contractor selection process down to a fine art so we decided to share how we find the best painter for the job with our 5 point check.

  1. Are they licensed & insured? This is a must because it shows that the painter is serious about being in business and following the correct rules set by industry regulatory bodies. All Houseace painters are fully licensed and insured.
  2. How long have they been in the trade?  We think a good amount of exposure to the trade is 5 years, we’ve found that this is the minimum amount of time it will take a painter to fully learn and understand their trade. All Houseace painters have at least 5 years trade experience.
  3. What products do they use? This is important because what material a tradesperson uses can reflect on how serious they are about doing a good job/cutting costs to maximise profit. Make sure your painter uses reputable brands. Houseace painters only use DuluxTaubmans and Wattyl. These brands have great reputation and warranty offerings.
  4. How do they look online? Ensure you research the company thoroughly, if they have profiles on sites like Hipages, Serviceseeking or Oneflare have a look at their reviews and completed work. This is a bonus because it shows that they aren’t hiding anything. Houseace painters have a full profile with recent completed work and reviews to make the selection process even easier.
  5. Can you see their work and at least 2 recent references? Ask to do a site visit or see photos of their recent work, there is emphasis on the word “Recent” because theres no use see a reference from a project done 2 years ago, much can change in relation to service and quality in 2 years. Houseace physically vet their painting contractors by visiting their current sites and talking to their recent customers.

Other things to take into consideration:

  • Are the contractors presentable? Are they clean, check their clothes and tools for lack of care. This will reflect on their workmanship.
  • Were they late to quote? Have they done what they said they would? Houseace removes this time waster by offering quotes online, instantly. If your painter shows up and hour late without calling this is a bad sign.
  • How do they communicate? This is really important because this will dictate the success of a project and is usually the key factor in getting the work done on time and in budget.


Not sure you want to go through all the above? Leave it to Houseace, we’ll give you a quote for house painting in just 2 minutes then manage the process from setup to cleanup. Jobs done by our licensed and insured painters on time and in budget.


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