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7 Bathroom Renovation Ideas To Transform Your Place

by Jonny S | 19/11/2021

A bathroom makeover, or even a minimalist design upgrade, can greatly improve the appearance. The feeling of your house while also reducing the amount of money you spend on home improvements.

Is it true that some bathroom design features are pricey? Definitely. Regardless of how much money you have reserved for this project, there are bathroom renovation ideas that will motivate you to redesign the bathroom and put it on the top of your to-do checklist.


7 Modern Bathroom Renovation Ideas


A bathroom redesign is a technique that makes it possible to create your existing bath more usable without tearing walls down or removing all of the drawers. It falls halfway between refresh and a full makeover. Let’s think about changing the color scheme, repainting the surfaces, updating equipment, and ensuring everything is up to code. Some bathroom renovation ideas can be completed in a single day, while the others take longer. So, we make a shortlist to give you some suggestions: 

  • Change Your Toilet

Although a basic toilet will suffice, a bathroom redesign is an ideal time to upgrade towards something more extravagant. Adding a bidet is one apparent option, but if you want more luxury today’s toilets use smart techs such as self-clearing, automatic flushing, or heated seats. 

  • Use A Undermount Sink

Undermount sinks are recognised for their elegant form, but one of their best qualities is how much easier they are to clean than typical overmount sinks. An under-mount sink is a sink that is installed beneath the counter. But it is one that you put in from underneath the counter, as the title suggests. Installing an undermount sink to your bath is one of the bathroom renovation ideas you won’t regret. It certainly has you wondering why you waited this long to take that step. They come in a multitude of colours, designs, and pricing points.

  • Select Steam For Your Shower 

Everyone these days is looking for methods to include self-care in their daily lives. One method to do this, according to Lovato, is to switch up your normal bath for a shower fitted with glass. Steam showers duplicate the spa experience at home, with Wi-Fi, aroma, lights, as well as other high-tech elements included in certain models. Steam showers aren’t for everyone’s pocket, but if you have the funds, this is one of the bathroom renovation ideas you won’t regret. 

  • Play With Colours 

Who determined that a bath has to be painted in a neutral colour scheme? The truth is that your bathroom, like any other area in your home, can benefit from a colour combinations update. One of the bathroom renovation ideas is choosing the colours you like rather than the colours that you think should be in a bathroom. This could result in lime green cabinetry, pink tiling, or black walls that match your vinyl floor nicely. All are fine as long as you enjoy them—just make sure you consider whether the colour combination is something you’re prepared to live with or modify if your tastes change shortly.

  • Add Extra Lighting 

You’re certainly not having most of your grooming regimen if the only lighting in your toilet comes from the lamps above your cabinet. Although vanity illumination is crucial, you will appreciate your bathroom even more if it isn’t the only source of illumination. Bringing ambient lighting fixtures to the bath or adding accent lights to the room is one of the best minimalist bathroom renovation ideas. Shower lighting can also be installed.

  • Add Ventilation Fan 

Now would be the time to install a fan in your bathroom if it doesn’t already have one. Ventilation circulates air, which helps to keep mold at bay while also lowering wetness and humidity levels. Make sure your bathroom fan vents to the outside of your house when you install it. Do you have noise concerns? There’s no need to be concerned, many modern fans are as silent as they are excellent at drying. 

  • Install Storage Draws 

If you’ve ever gotten out of the shower only to realise you forgot to get a towel from the hall laundry room, you’ll know why storage is such an important part of any bath redesign. And, like it or not, even for the tiniest of baths can hold cabinets. So, one of our bathroom renovation ideas for you is to install storage draws that would be extra help with towels and other stuff. 


To Sum Up 

Looking for bathroom renovation ideas is the reason you are here, that’s why we shared our top list for bathroom makeover ideas. A bathroom redesign can make a major difference in the ambiance of your house, whether you’re making little modifications, aiming for a complete overhaul, or just fantasising from your desk. It’s no surprise, however, that this functional space, along with the kitchen, is frequently prioritised when it’s time to redesign. 


So, if you decide to redesign your bathroom with our bathroom renovation ideas or with your own, start with an instant quote and the Houseace team will guide you through every step in our streamlined process. 


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