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7 Most Popular Plumbing Projects for your Home – [2023]

by Jonny S | 31/08/2022

Plumbing projects not just make your home efficient. With subtle touches, you can upgrade the interiors and ambiance of your property. Hiring an expert plumber for renovation projects around your house would be a great idea as professional plumbers can accomplish the task at lightning-fast speed. This is true especially when what you seek is a time-sensitive repair. Also, they are aware of all the rules and regulations they need to comply with while installing equipment in your apartment. If you want your renovation to proceed flawlessly, then an expert plumber would help you with it. 

Here are some of the common plumbing projects that most homeowners opt for. 

1.Sink and basin mixers 

Want to revamp your bathroom look without spending a fortune? You can make subtle changes like replacing your old sink and opting for the latest designs or something that matches the theme of your interiors. Sinks usually suffer a lot of wear and tear. Metal sinks start losing their lustre over time and swapping your old sink for a new one is an inexpensive way to revamp your bathroom. Replace the taps for a stylish new design that is both practical and eye-catching. 

2.Hot water systems 

Installation and repair of hot water systems is a crucial plumbing project. An inefficient hot water system will leave you frustrated each time you try to use it. Furthermore, a worn-out hot water system can pose a safety hazard for you and your family. Hence, it is best to work with an experienced plumber and discuss all modern and efficient options available when it comes to installation or upgrading your hot water systems.  

Though a traditional water heater may look like a simple appliance, the installation of bulky heaters could be tricky. They are usually tucked away in dark corners and can be difficult to access. Moreover, the device has to be connected to water lines and also needs to be connected to gas or electricity. It should also be checked if your home’s electrical can manage the load. This is when an expert can help you. 

3.Bathroom fixtures 

It is crucial to get rid of old fixtures that cannot be fixed and replace them with newer, fully functional fixtures. Whether it is your toilet, shower setup, faucets, sink, or anything else in your bathroom, you need to stop holding on to inefficient or older models and invest in updated fixtures in your home’s bathrooms and kitchens. 

A professional is also aware of the precautions you need to take while installing a new toilet or any other bathroom fixture. Plumbing is the backbone of any bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. If you are planning to lift the overall look of these personal spaces, then involve an expert early. It is essential to take care of basics such as colours, cabinets, and all other stuff.  

4.Laundry Tubs

Why do laundry tubs need to look boring when you have plenty of options to choose modern designs that make your job a lot easier? The designs feature materials that are suitable to use with chemicals and coastal areas that get easily affected by salt water. Work with an expert to pick the most suitable designs as per your requirements. 

5.Kitchen fixtures 

A kitchen sink is a necessity. It is such a crucial aspect of our homes that we forget to style it. From cleaning utensils or organizing food, a kitchen sink is an indispensable feature of the kitchen. You can get creative and opt for a modern, fully functional sink that can make your everyday kitchen tasks a lot easier. Whether you need assistance with dishwasher installation or waste disposal, an expert plumber will get the task done in no time. 


It is crucial to choose a high-quality shower drain. This is because an average shower head produces 12 litres of water per minute. This is why it is crucial to choose a durable shower drain that offers a sufficient drainage capacity, especially in large family homes. It is crucial to choose a shower drain made of high-quality materials that can last for years to come. 

An expert plumber will help you look into quality marks and certificates while choosing shower drains for your home renovation project. Also, they will install it according to the building codes and regulations. When choosing any drain model, it is essential to check if it is according to the local building regulations. Working with an expert will ensure compliance and also long-term usage without any hassles. They will help you choose a quality product backed by a warranty and will also help you with repairs in the future.  

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