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7 Tips For Bathroom Renovation

by Jonny S | 02/02/2022

Bathrooms are the most popular renovation project among families, after kitchens. But, because the area is shorter, the job is a little simpler. Plus, because there is less room, there are fewer costs: less carpeting and paint, fewer cupboards, and smaller countertops. However, when you do bathroom renovation you must make things to be functional and practical but also look luxurious. In that case, we shared tips to know before you start with a bathroom renovation. 


What You Should Consider For Your Next Bathroom Renovation Project  



To make your bathroom renovation more appealing while maintaining the procedure easy, fast, and cost-effective, consider these 7 ideas.


  • Low-maintenance products: Choosing finishes that are simple to maintain clean and new not just to save money and effort in upkeep, but also prolongs the life of your renovation by making it look fresh and original for longer. For a low-maintenance bathroom, consider the following suggestions: quartz worktops instead of marble–High-quality, long-lasting faucets, or water-resistant glass shower doors. 
  • Add ventilation: By code, every bathroom must have some form of ventilation, whether it’s a correctly sized window or a bathroom ventilation system.
  • Focus on energy effective products: Energy efficiency is now one of the most important bathroom renovation aspects for a home. Water scarcity and increasing utility costs make this a must-have for home purchasers. Energy efficiency is also important in terms of the environment. Such elements increase energy efficiency when planning your spectacular bathroom remodel. For example, led lighting, tankless water heaters, etc. 
  • Lighting: Light, open spaces are desired by all owners. The lighter your bathroom is, the more spacious it appears. And if you’re spending time & expense on a bathroom renovation, don’t let your design decisions go unnoticed in a gloomy, shady space – light will brilliantly highlight your bathroom renovation investment. 



  • Install more storage: Storage is one aspect of a bathroom redesign that receives less attention but is still valued. Having additional toiletries or a few pairs of visitor towels on hand when you need them is a huge advantage. Consider knocking out a wall to add an extra storage room and built-in bookshelves if you do have the space. Even if removing walls is out of the question, pick an organisation unit that complements your style. This will give your home a sophisticated look that will be well worth the investment effort and expense. 
  • Don’t skip the vanity: Another item where you may make a significant impression is the bathroom vanity. On-trend features include twin sinks, huge mirrors, and plenty of storage. If at all feasible, get one with a high-end top made of stone or marble to give even more aesthetic appeal to the room. Please remember that if you need to, you could always change the look of your existing vanity. Putting it on a fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy DIY project that will transform the room’s appearance. To freshen things up the bathroom’s look, you may replace the drawer pulls or even buy a new topper from a home improvement store.
  • Install hooks: Hooks are the simplest way to increase the total surface area in a bath without actually installing a tabletop. Everything from clothes to bathrobes to towels can be hung on hooks. Hooks can be hung on the back of doors, the sides of cupboards, or empty wall space.


How Houseace Can Help You With Your Bathroom Renovation 


It’s one thing to know tips about what to consider for your next bathroom renovation project, but it’s another thing to find designers. It’s stressful, we know. That’s why you should use Houseace’s services if you wish to relax.




You can plan and monitor your renovation project in a matter of minutes. Simply get a quote for your bathroom renovation project and include your design preferences, and we’ll match you with a project planner to guarantee you get the best service possible. The project planner will spend time getting to know your goals and working with product designers to develop strategies that are tailored to your needs. You can also keep track of the project’s progress by checking our website’s regular updates. Every stage of the process is meticulously recorded and reported. Our system keeps you updated and on track, allowing you to live a stress-free life.



Doing a bathroom renovation can be both exhilarating and terrifying. On the one hand, there are few activities more fulfilling than understanding you’ve given your home your unique imprint. But on the other hand, many projects can become so costly that even taking the initial step might be daunting. That’s why we advise you to consider essential elements for your bathroom renovation. These tips are the pointers you’ll need to turn your bath into a relaxing retreat. 

If you need professional assistance, get a free quote for the bathroom renovation and we’ll assign you a project planner who will work with you from start to the finish.


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