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8 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Larger – [2023]

by Jonny S | 02/07/2019

If you have a small bathroom, you’ll know the frustrations that can arise. Not only do you feel cramped, it isn’t functional, and you can never relax while taking a bath (even the smelliest candles don’t help!). 

Of course, we don’t all have a huge budget for a renovation project. Therefore, we have eight simple tips that you can use today. Depending on your budget, you might introduce one, three, or all of these tips in the coming weeks. It’s up to you! 

Opt for a Pedestal Basin 

Normally, people feel as though they have to go for a full vanity in their bathroom when this simply isn’t the case. With a vanity, this takes away precious floor space and makes any bathroom feel more cramped than it actually is. Thankfully, pedestal basins are more economical with floor space. However, you will need to sacrifice storage space…which is why we’ve included the next tip. 


Wall Storage

Why have huge cupboards and vanities when you can install wall shelves and units? In fact, some people choose to install shelves for their toiletries in the shower itself to save space outside it. These days, there are some brilliant designs for floating shelves that can add character as well as function to bathrooms. 


Free-Standing Tubs 

Now, we understand that there’s an active debate as to whether or not free-standing tubs save space. Yet, there’s more than one way to make a bathroom seem larger. When you go for a chic, characterful bath, it becomes a feature rather than just existing. Suddenly, you don’t have to add as many accessories just to bring character and personality to the room because the bath is doing this for you. 


Get Smaller Furniture 

Sounds simple enough, right? Every bathroom is unique, so there’s now something for everyone on the market. Luckily, brands have recognised the need for smaller baths and smaller vanity units. Why not look into these smaller styles? The more you break away from what’s considered ‘normal’ or ‘standard’, the more likely you are to find something suited towards a smaller bathroom. 


Don’t Disrupt the Flow  

From a design standpoint, we recommend sticking with the same colours and tile designs. When you create a contrast between the wall and floor or wall and ceiling, the room becomes fragmented and the boundaries are clearly visible. When everything blends together, the room appears larger because these same boundaries aren’t clear. 


Install a Clear Shower Door 

shower in a beautiful bathroom in Kaufmann hotel, Bavaria

Following the same sort of idea, opaque shower doors can close off the room somewhat. By swapping this out for clear doors, you can see the depth of the room and it opens the space just as we saw with the previous tip. Although this one sounds simple, you won’t believe the difference between the two; look at some examples online and you’ll see how clear glass shower doors can benefit a bathroom. 


Pale Colours Always Win 

Traditional Style

In our experience, dark colours will make a room seem confined because it tends to chop the space visually. Instead, we advise going for whites, creams, and other neutral colours. They don’t attack the eyes, they’re easy to look at, and it creates an illusion that a room is bigger (especially when the natural light comes flooding in!). 

Bonus Tip – Follow this colouring advice for both the walls and the furniture. We aren’t saying you need a completely white room; you can still add colour with a low cabinet or light fixture. This way, your eyes will be drawn to the odd bits of colour rather than the size of the room. 


Look for Big Mirrors

bathroom renovation

Statement marble makes a stunning focal point. Image Source: Jody D’arcy via Home Beautiful

If you take one piece of advice away from this guide and implement it immediately, we recommend this one. Mirrors will reflect the room and make it feel bigger. Especially when there’s some form of lighting in front of or above the mirror, this light is reflected, and the space grows. With a ceiling-to-floor mirror, you’re doing two things; 

  • Hiding the wall 
  • Opening up the room through reflections 

If you manage to get lots of natural light in the bathroom, place the mirror on the opposite wall. Why? Because the natural light will be reflected. Not only will the room look bigger, but you’ll also save money on your energy bills too. 


If you want to make your bathroom look bigger, this is the starting point you need. As we said at the beginning, the tips you follow will depend on your budget. You don’t have to do everything at once and put yourself into debt. Instead, introduce the changes one by one; you might find that a big mirror and pedestal basin is all you need. 

With any luck, you’ll soon feel relaxed again in your own bathroom and you won’t have to feel so cramped! 


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