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Best Bathroom Layout Ideas 2022 – [2023]

by Jonny S | 07/11/2022

Proper bathroom design is essential to improve its functioning and appearance. Any bathroom renovation begins with choosing an appropriate layout. Renovators and homeowners need to have a better understanding of the space they are working on to ensure that every inch of the space is put to good use. Apart from character, aesthetics, and style, a bathroom has to be functional as well. A carefully planned layout will address the concerns and will turn your bathroom into a relaxing treat from the stress of life.   

Whether you already have a few ideas on your mind or are clueless about where to start, here are some different bathroom layout ideas that will transform your bathroom space into your relaxing, favourite spot in the house.

Classic primary bathroom

This is an excellent choice for major bathroom designs. The layout is typically square and is ideal for couples. It features two sinks with plenty of counter space in the morning. The bathtub and toilet are separated from the shower and sinks on the left side of the layout thereby allowing some privacy.   

Long and thin bathroom

Though a long and thin bathroom could result in an awkward space, the best way to utilise this layout is by putting the sink and shower up against the same wall. This will not just save on the plumbing costs but also highlights the shower and vanity more than the toilet thereby stressing the cleanliness and elegance of the design.  

Luxurious touch

Having a doorway in the centre of the bathroom creates an illusion of a spacious, luxurious bathroom place. This allows you to incorporate a high, massive bathroom into the design. A stand-up corner shower can be placed to the left of the jacuzzi tub. The floor layout has room for two sinks with lots of counter space to use up. This is ideal for couples who prefer having a little more space in their bathrooms. For rendering a luxurious touch in the design, a chandelier would make a perfect addition.     

Alcove areas

This layout is perfect if you are keen on adding a tub to your bathroom design. Having a built-in or freestanding tub in areas with bumps will help you create a seamless and uninterrupted flow in your room interiors. You can hide the toilet behind the door to make the tub the spotlight of your luxurious bathroom. If you are short on space, then a shower or bath would also fit into this space to accommodate your needs.    

Unique shapes

If your room is awkwardly shaped, then you can leverage the cut-outs to your advantage to create a unique bathroom space. Using a little creativity can go a long way in creating dreamy bathroom spaces. For instance, in smaller alcoves, you can incorporate a toilet or vanity so that they are neatly tucked away. A unique vanity filling the space would be the best highlight of your bathroom if the space is really small. Else, the shower would steal the show for a more central nook. If the layout is unbalanced, then using a divider would create both symmetry and privacy.   

Two sink stations

This is a popular layout to go for if you have enough space to work around in your bathroom. Having two separate sinks in a single bathroom will work great if you have incorporated multiple doors in your design or have thought of built-in storage for stocking the supplies. Two separate vanities would do good for larger rooms with a standalone bath in between. This would make a unique and space-conscious option. If you have less space, then putting two sinks together in a large vanity and using the underneath space for storage would be your best bet.    

Simple, clean small space

Small bathrooms rule the space for many people in their homes. However, small places can be cosy, bold, luxurious, and minimalist, the way you want them to be. It does take some thought while designing the floor plan for such bathroom spaces. For instance, you could optimise the space with a wet room shower or by going for a two-in-one shower and bath. Having a combo or the right vanity storage and a single sink would do the trick. You could also place your items on the shelves and behind the mirror in medicine cabinets. In small bathrooms, you need to keep things simple. Turning one element into the focal point would be more than enough. For instance, if you have a unique faucet, an interesting sink shape, or a fun mirror, the vanity may be the highlight of your small space. In addition, having a glass shower would make the space feel more spacious and open.    

Two entrances

This design features two different entryways into the bathroom. The first one leads to the bathtub with a sink and a shower. This is a larger space with a stand-alone bathtub. The second door leads to another sink and the toilet thereby creating two different places in the same bathroom.

Little comfort

This layout incorporates a powder room in the bathroom space with a little bit of renovation. The door leads to a room that comfortably houses the sink and the toilet. This is a standard in any powder room. The walls seem to have windows on both sides. You can install a vanity with a sink or utilise the tiny refuge where you can relax and bathe.   

L-shaped bathroom

These bathrooms are quite simple and evenly distributed when it comes to the elements. The design features a wall-mounted sink which is placed opposite the entrance for creating plenty of wall space. You can place the shower head on the short side and the toilet on the other side. You can place the shower head on the short side and the toilet on the other side of the sink. Installing a small shower and a toilet or tub can be done on the opposite side of the sink if the downspout is on the short side.   

Making the most out of your bathroom

Wondering how you can make the most of your bathroom layout? It is essential to make sure that every inch of your bathroom is functional and creates the perfect ambiance for you to unwind after a hectic day at work. Here are some common items which you can use to augment your bathroom look!


Not just that rugs keep your floor cleaner, but they also transform the layout of your bathroom place. For instance, you can create various sections in your bathroom using different rugs. Placing a small mat in front of the sink and another one in front of the shower or the bathtub will create more definition by breaking up the space.

Placing laundry baskets

Many appreciate having laundry baskets kept in the bathrooms or their bedroom. If you have a dedicated space in your bathroom corner, then make the best use of it by setting up a basket for practicality, hygiene, and design. If your space is small, then it is better to go for tall, thin baskets. This would free up space for highlighting the main features of the room.


If you have got bare corners or walls in your bathroom space, then you can include decorative plants to improve the ambiance. They would not just improve the air quality of your bathroom but will also create a neat and defined look.


We spend a lot of time in the bathrooms. The design can make or break the functionality and appeal of our homes. Hence, it is crucial to put some thought into designing that perfect bathroom for your space while going for renovation. If you don’t know how to do it then leave the task to the experts! They will help you design the perfect bathroom space as per your preferences.

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