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Everything you need to know about wet room bathrooms

by Jonny S | 10/08/2022

A wet room bathroom may not be everyone’s liking but is still hugely popular in Australia. It does have its benefits and can add more utility to your bathroom. This article will provide you with every bit of information on wet room bathrooms, their advantages and disadvantages and what you should consider while opting for a wet room bathroom. So, let’s begin.

What is a wet room bathroom?

A wet room bathroom by definition is a bathroom without an isolated shower section. It is right there with the rest of the bathroom amenities, essentially there is no formal segregation. A wet room bathroom, therefore, needs to be waterproofed from end-to-end.

What to consider while designing a wet room bathroom.

The right material:

As the floor and walls of your wet room will have ample water exposure, it is in the fitness of things to use water-resistant material; if the material of your damp room’s tiles gets discoloured and decayed because of sustained water contact, then it is not good. You can also give them waterproofing treatments, special waxes, varnishes, etc., available for this purpose.

Ample sun lighting:

Sun lighting is another essential element for a wet room. You will need it to create a warm and cosy effect and keep the moisture in check. Use opaque glass windows to keep the damp room well-lit and ensure that the window is waterproofed. Design your wet room in such a way that there is sufficient space for a window.

Extraction fan:

Like the window, an extraction fan is vital for the wet room. It will keep it well-ventilated and won’t let the moisture take root permanently. It will also keep the mirrors and the entire room steam-free.

Textured flooring:

Since the room will be wet most of the time, there is this inherent risk of slipping. To prevent this, never use floor tiles with a smooth finish. Always opt for tiles with a textured finish. You should be able to feel the texture when you rub your hands on the tile.

Make room for storage:

A wet room bathroom is more open and spacious, comparatively speaking. So, add cabinets and other storage of your choice to it. Just make sure that the material for these can withstand water contact.

Adding partition:

Although a wet bathroom is essentially a place without any shower partition, you can add one if you want to. You can use a glass wall to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. You can also use a curtain for this purpose.

Advantages and disadvantages of a wet room bathroom

We will now look at the advantages and disadvantages of a wet room bathroom. Let’s start with the benefits first.

Plenty of space:

A wet room bathroom gives you more space than a traditional bathroom. You do not have to construct a shower enclosure in the bathroom, so you get a wide-open space that will make even your small-sized bathroom look roomy.

Ease of cleaning:

The shower area is challenging to clean, especially around the crevices of the partition’s foundation. It is often hard to reach; consequently, moss accumulates there. You can easily hose the entire floor in a wet room bathroom and scrub every nook and cranny.

Allows room for more storage:

You can use the extra storage to create more fittings and fixtures in the bathroom. Use it to keep your clothes, cosmetics, and other stuff. You can also use a fancy vanity in the bathroom as there will be enough space for it.

Accessible to all:

A wet room bathroom is meant for one and all. Everyone can use it efficiently, whether young, elderly, man, woman, handicapped, or ill. There are no glass walls, no enclosures, steps, doors, etc., to be wary of. Everything is wide and open for use.

More durable:

The waterproofing in a wet room bathroom makes it last longer. Bathrooms often get drainage and leakage issues, but when everything is properly sealed and treated, there is little room for any fault. So, such bathrooms have a longer life.

The illusion of more space:

When you are short on space for a bathroom, always go for a wet room bathroom. It will make even a tiny space appear more significant, and a large area always looks ideal for a bathroom.

Disadvantages of a wet room bathroom

We now take a look at the disadvantages of the wet room bathroom.

Water, water everywhere:

With a wet room bathroom, be prepared for generous amounts of water splashes everywhere. You must thoroughly dry the walls, floor, and other fixtures and fittings whenever someone showers in the bathroom.

Expensive to build:

A wet room bathroom will require more money to set up as you need tiles on the walls and the floor. You will also need money to spend on the water-resistance of tiles, plus you need textured tiles, not just any tile would do.

Moisture and humidity:

In a wet room, constant humidity and dampness can be very problematic. It would be best if you had ventilation and sunlight to make the atmosphere less stuffy, and making room for a reasonably-sized window and an air exhaust system may not always be an option.

May affect the resale value of the house:

A wet room bathroom is not everyone’s idea of a bathroom, so if you have to sell your house, the buyers could get turned off by its presence.

Difficult to maintain:

Constant upkeep and cleaning are not easy, especially when you are old or very busy in your professional life. In such a scenario, your wet room will be nothing but a damp room full of foul and stale water smells. A terrifying prospect indeed.


There you have it, we have discussed everything about wet room bathrooms. You know about their pros and cons and decide if it is the best option for you or not.

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