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The Top Fixtures and Tiles for Your Bathroom Renovation

by Jonny S | 02/06/2022

Are you planning on renovation your bathroom? Bathroom renovations can involve a lot of things such as changing the flooring, installing new fixtures, adding lights, re-doing the paint job and so on.

In all this, it can get a bit difficult to choose the right fixtures and tiles. You’ll have to go from store to store to try and find the right products for your bathroom…and that can be a bit of a hassle.


But don’t worry. We’re here to help.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the top tiles and fixtures that you can get for your bathroom renovation in 2022. Let’s get started.

The Top Fixtures and Tiles for Your Bathroom Renovations

Posh Domaine 900mm x 900mm Round Polished Edge Mirror

Image taken from Reece.com.au

Few things uplift the look of a bathroom more than a nice and aesthetic vanity mirror.

A lot of people can go wrong when choosing a mirror for their bathrooms. They can go for small and thick-bordered mirrors which can not only obstruct the visibility of the viewer but also spoil the look of the whole place.

With the Posh Domaine Round Polished Edge Mirror, you can give your remodelled bathroom a baring and minimalistic touch. Thanks to its large size, you can also make your bathroom look roomier and more spacious.

All the fixings for this mirror are installed discreetly at the back, which gives the impression as if it’s floating above the sink unit.

It’s a stylish fixture that you definitely need for a stylish bathroom.


  • Borderless design
  • Generous 900mm x 900mm size
  • Polished edge
  • Copper-free mirror

Kado Aspect 1500mm Mirror Cabinet Three Doors with Surround View

Image taken from Reece.com.au

Don’t have enough room in your bathroom to install a vanity mirror and shelf cabinet separately? Well, with this fixture, you can get a two-in-one deal.

The Kado Aspect Three Door Mirror Cabinet can be installed above the sink unit to doubly serve as a vanity mirror and generous storage space. The cabinet comes with three adjustable shelves, and it can be installed recessed inside the wall to incorporate other smaller storage spaces above or below it (as can be seen in the product image).


  • Soft-close finger-pull doors
  • Three adjustable shelves
  • Surround-view door openings

Roca Inspira Soft Rectangle Above Counter Basin

Image taken from Reece.com.au

If you are also looking to install a new sink in your bathroom, you don’t have to look farther than the Roca Inspira Soft Rectangle Above Counter Basin.

Above counter basins, as compared to recessed ones, are gaining popularity nowadays. They look stylish and exotic, and they can give your bathroom a modern look.

This basin by Roca Inspira can look particularly aesthetic in your bathroom thanks to its smooth textured black appearance.


  • Black matte finish
  • No overflow
  • Centre bowl configuration
  • 500mm x 370mm (W x D)

Posh Solus MK2 Heated Towel Rail

Image taken from Reece.com.au

With the Posh Solus MK2 Heated Towel Rail, you can add style and convenience to your bathroom.

These towel rails are made with stainless steel, and they can help you keep your towels nice and dry throughout the day. The Posh Solus MK2 supports both: hardwired and plug-in installation.

The polished finish on these towel rails is all you need to add a touch of minimalistic elegance to your bathroom. They can go well with all types of bathroom tile colours whether black, white or any other shade.


  • 700mm x 700mm
  • 112mm projection
  • Can be hardwired or used via a plug-in connection
  • Stainless steel construction with a polished finish

Nile Sand Lappato Tiles – Beaumont Tiles

Let’s move on to look at some tiles next.

Image taken from Beaumont-tiles.com.au

If you are looking to match your clean white bathroom walls with some light brown tiles, the Nile Sand Lappato is an excellent choice to go for.

Decorated with an elegant veining design on top, these tiles can look great on both bathroom floors and walls. If you want to, for example, lay down some tiles around the sink or the shower unit, you can count on the Nile Sand Lappato to come through with a magnificent look.

Timeless Amani Grey Polished – Beaumont Tiles

Image taken from Beaumont-tiles.com.au

The Timeless Amani Grey Polished tiles can go well with dark or light-themed walls and ceilings. They have an astounding 24 different face patterns, which can excellently complement the overall sophistication and style of your bathroom.

These tiles are available in 600 x 600, 300 x 600 or ‘slab’ size groups. You can make your choice according to the size and layout of your bathroom.

Although these tiles are on the more expensive side ($114.93 per sqm), they are definitely worth buying.

Maximo Black Matte

Image from Beaumont-tiles.com.au

If you want to change your bathroom’s look from a light and white theme to something blacker instead, these tiles can be an excellent way to get started.

The Maximo Black Matte Tiles have a stone-like rugged look, and they come with 34 different face patterns. They are available in three different size settings and are relatively affordable ($45.76 per sqm).

If you want to, you can get the same look and texture in different colours such as white, grey or beige.


Renovating your bathroom can really add to the value of your home. Not to mention, they can also improve your experience and quality of living.

There are a lot of different fixtures, appliances and decoration materials that you can buy when it comes to bathroom remodelling. It’s enough to make you muddled.

In this post, we looked at some useful fixtures that you can install in your bathroom when renovating it. We also looked at some nice and stylish tiles that you can install to enhance the looks of your bathroom.

While you can get some help with guides like this one, it is usually much more advisable and better to consult with a proper renovation designer and planner. 

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