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To transform your property into a successful holiday rental, you need to develop a business plan, get required permits, create a rental agreement, provide excellent customer service, market your property, and more.  But one of the things you should start with is making your property stand out from the competition. A surefire way to do this is to renovate your rental property to make it more appealing to guests.


Covid-19 is certainly taking its toll throughout Australia, particularly in Victoria right now. Many have lost their jobs and financial security and it’s having a significant effect on our mental health. For those in Melbourne who are under stage 4 restrictions many are feeling trapped and under stress.


If you’re planning a renovation in your home, whether it’s a small toilet renovation or a full house extension, you’ll need to consider how you will manage it. A lot of ‘hidden effort’ goes into getting the final result right – drawing up plans and schedules, getting permissions and quotes, having the right trades and materials on site at the right time and keeping the project on budget, up to standard and on schedule. 

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