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Budgeting for a home renovation has never been easier, the Houseace calculator is best place to get an accurate instant estimate.

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{{ project.project.title_name + ": " + project.type.title }}

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Low: ${{ getProjectCost(selectedProject, "low").toLocaleString() }}
High: ${{ getProjectCost(selectedProject, "high").toLocaleString() }}
ROI Range
Low: ${{ getROICost(selectedProject, "low").toLocaleString() }}
High: ${{ getROICost(selectedProject, "high").toLocaleString() }}

House Value Assumptions

House value Range
Low: ${{ getHouseValue("low").toLocaleString() }}
High: ${{ getHouseValue("high").toLocaleString() }}


All estimates are based on the Houseace pricing algorithm, past projects and surveyed property data.

The estimated results from this calculator are approximate and should not be relied upon as an accurate representation of expected property renovation costs or return on investment. Please take into account your own circumstances when calculating your renovation costs.

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We are so excited to share that the Home & Garden Awards 2021 have honoured us with the award for Most Innovative Home Improvements Marketplace in Australia. The awards have been hosted by BUILD Magazine for four years now and combine extensive research and high standards of submissions and judging processes to ensure that the outcomes are 100% driven by merit. 


Repairs cost money — even if you plan on doing most of the work yourself. Therefore, the best time to begin renovations is when you have the necessary funds. You should set a budget before buying any materials or meeting with a contractor. Once you’ve decided this, you’ll be able to determine what you can afford to update.


To the right buyer, a thriving vegetable garden can add tens of thousands of dollars in value to your home. One of the biggest benefits of a vegetable garden is how environmentally friendly a garden can be – something more and more home buyers are interested in being. 

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