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Budgeting for a home renovation has never been easier, the Houseace calculator is best place to get an accurate instant estimate.

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Budget Range
Low: ${{ getProjectCost(selectedProject, "low").toLocaleString() }}
High: ${{ getProjectCost(selectedProject, "high").toLocaleString() }}
ROI Range
Low: ${{ getROICost(selectedProject, "low").toLocaleString() }}
High: ${{ getROICost(selectedProject, "high").toLocaleString() }}

House Value Assumptions

House value Range
Low: ${{ getHouseValue("low").toLocaleString() }}
High: ${{ getHouseValue("high").toLocaleString() }}


All estimates are based on the Houseace pricing algorithm, past projects and surveyed property data.

The estimated results from this calculator are approximate and should not be relied upon as an accurate representation of expected property renovation costs or return on investment. Please take into account your own circumstances when calculating your renovation costs.

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A kitchen is a place where your family and friends gather to cook and eat in a beautiful atmosphere. In terms of kitchen colour ideas, the most popular colour for 2022 is green but there are other possibilities such as earthy tones, dark grey, classic white, or yellow tones.


Renovations are costly, but homeowners looking to do some renovations have multiple ways to cover the expense. The key is to understand a single financial concept: equity. As you repay your home loan, the amount of debt you have decreases and the portion of the property you actually own increases. This is your equity. Equity also grows if property prices rise. 


Looking for bathroom renovation ideas is the reason you are here, that’s why we shared our top list for bathroom makeover ideas. A bathroom redesign can make a major difference in the ambiance of your house, whether you’re making little modifications, aiming for a complete overhaul, or just fantasising from your desk. It’s no surprise, however, that this functional space, along with the kitchen, is frequently prioritised when it’s time to redesign. 

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