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Gain a reliable stream of high-quality renovation projects with designs, materials, and plans ready to go.

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Receive clear payment terms and quality standards for each project before a job starts. Projects are worth between $10-40,000 and are scheduled for 3-10 weeks.

With Houseace you receive a transparent scope of work priced at competitive market rates. You can rely on jobs through qualification instead of bidding against other renovators.

We reduce your overhead by giving you jobs that are already sourced, vetted, and designed with all the materials your crew needs by the project start.

Today's customers expect convenience and “one-stop-shop” experiences. Providing an end-to-end home renovation experience, we create competitive advantages and drive increased revenue for you.
How Houseace Works
Our process gives you access to a pipeline of predictable jobs, which helps you plan ahead for your crew and your business.

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We learn about you and your experience. If it’s a good fit, we’ll start onboarding and training.

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We send you work orders for pre-qualified jobs at competitive market rates based on your location and crew.

Work with clear objectives

We take care of the building approvals, construction drawings, and material procurement, leaving you to do the buildout.

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