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4 Steps to Planning Your House Extension Project

by Jonny S | 29/04/2022


Do you need more room in the house? Maybe you want some extra space or an office where you can work from home? Or maybe your family is growing and you need more room to accommodate all? Whatever the reason for your house extension, you need professional help to make this project come to fruition.


Houseace offers house extension projects and other home improvements. If you are interested in adding more space to your home or property, here are four steps to planning your house extension project with the help of Houseace.


  1. Estimate


The first thing you need to know for your house extension project is to have an idea of how much you need to spend. You can do it by getting a quote. Houseace made quoting easy, accurate, and fast with just three simple steps.


First, you need to pick what type of project you need. Is it for the renovation of the bathroom or kitchen? Do you want to repaint the exterior or the interior of the house? Or maybe you need some repairs on the roof, on the ceiling, or maybe a new room addition? Whatever that is, make sure you indicate the right project you want to proceed with.


After that, you need to fill out some important information such as your home address, stage of the renovation you are at (budgeting, on-going, ready to start anytime, etc.), ideal date to start, type of property, and the purpose of the project.


Just fill out everything that will be asked of you and make sure to also leave some notes if necessary. It will help with the computation of the quote and provide you with a reasonable price. In this way, you can save and manage your budget well.


  1. Design planning


After getting the estimated cost of the extension project, work on the planning design. You can make use of Houseace’s online project management dashboard to create a plan. It will also help you finalise your ideal design by selecting the available finishes and colours you want for the additional room of your house. The tool will also allow you to finalise your ideal design and document the status of the project, which you can also use for future references.


Aside from the visual plan, you also need to check how feasible it is to make your target design possible. Remember that you have to consider the site condition. Does the current status of your property allow the additional space added to it without encountering any concerns or problems?


Another important part of the design planning is to consult with a legal property council in your area to confirm the necessary compliance you need to follow for the construction. For sure, you do not want to do things illegally or receive complaints from your neighbourhood claiming you have prohibited certain rules and standards when it comes to building. In this way, you can save a lot of your time and money if you manage to fix all these issues beforehand, make adjustments to the original design you want, and avoid encountering serious problems afterward.


  1. Choose a builder


You got the estimate right and the design is now in your hand. The next step is to proceed to the actual work: the building process. But you cannot push through yet if you do not have the right people to do the job.


Based on the type of project and the personal preferences you want to apply to the construction is how Houseace will choose the right builders to work for it. You can ensure you will be matched with contractors who have the experience, personality, and operational style to do the specific job that needs to be done.


Different home improvement projects require certain specialisations. Thus, Houseace will choose the right contractor who has the most knowledge when it comes to house extension and other necessary things you may need for the reconstruction of your home.


  1. Select products


Now, you have the budget and design plan in hand. You also have the right people to do the job. What’s next? You need to gather the materials or products needed to finally start the construction work.


Houseace understands that not all who want to renovate or reconstruct their home have basic knowledge of the things needed to do the work, let alone which one to contact or where to buy the products needed. That is why Houseace will provide assistance to connect you with the top suppliers that offer quality products at reasonable prices.


You will be provided with a list of all the materials you will need to finish the project, including the quantity of each of the products, and also organise the delivery. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?


Let Houseace Assist You With Your House Extension Management


House extension projects and other home improvements are sure to stress you out. If it is your first time, for sure, you might find yourself lost and stuck wondering where to start. Unfortunately, some people planning to get their home renovated will decide not to pursue their plans since everything just seems so complicated to understand.


However, Houseace’s services will give you the right solutions to make your dream home renovation possible. With all these easy steps and convenient ways to know how you can proceed with your house extension project, nothing will ever stop you now to pursuing this plan you always wanted to achieve.


Since everything is already provided for you, all you need to do is sit back and use Houseace’s reliable tool to track and monitor the progress of the project. If there are some concerns or questions you want to ask, you can always rely on a friendly customer service approach to help you deal with issues on site.

Now that everything’s set, Houseace is looking forward to offering you quality and extensive service for all the things you need for your house extension project.


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