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Bathroom Renovations, Made Easy: Steps to Renovate a Bathroom

by Jonny S | 05/01/2023

Old fixtures, leaky plumbing, broken floor tiles…there are a lot of reasons that you could be looking to renovate your bathroom. If you’re not sure how to get through the whole process, don’t worry. In this post, we will be taking a look at how you can easily plan and manage your renovation project with Aireno.com.au. We will also outline some of the general steps that you can follow for renovating your bathroom like any other typical homeowner.


Our Process

Planning and Managing Your Bathroom renovation Project is Made Easier with digital renovation platforms

Here are the steps that you can follow for renovating your bathroom

  • Get a Bathroom Renovation Quote: The first thing that you will have to do to start off your renovation project is getting a quote. Obtaining a quote is easy with the help of our online quoting algorithm. You can enter the details about your project and get an accurate cost associated with the different steps and phases.
  • Getting in Touch with Your Team: After getting your quote, we will connect you with an expert renovation team for handling your project. We’re careful and meticulous about our matching process so you can rest assured that you’ll be put in touch with skilled professionals who will be able to guide and help you throughout the process.
  • Planning Your Project: Then, after you’re matched with a team, you have to move on to the planning phase. With the Houseace Project Dashboard, you can easily plan the different aspects and elements of your renovation such as selecting colours, finishes, fixtures, etc. You can also actively communicate with our team for getting help whenever you need it.
  • Collaborating and Scheduling: After the planning, the renovation gets started in earnest. Via the Houseace application, you can easily stay in touch with your renovation team for getting quick and prompt updates throughout the duration of the project. You can send and attach pictures, documents, and other necessary files via the chatting options as well.
  • Make Payments Easily: With the Houseace app, you can easily make payments to your team. The payments are made at different stages and phases during the project as per the completed milestones.

Still Not Convinced?

Here are the steps that you can follow for a usual bathroom renovation:

  1. Make a Rough Plan for Your Renovation Project: To start off your renovation project, you have to plan out what features and fixtures you need to add/replace in your bathroom. In other words, this is the part where you have to decide what exactly you need to renovate.
  2. Think About Your Total Budget: Once you are done creating a renovation plan, you have to think about what your total budget is. Understanding and setting a budget beforehand will let you make the right choices when purchasing fixtures, paints, etc.
  3. Acquire the Necessary Permits: Depending on the location of your home, you may need certain permits before you can renovate your bathroom. If you’re living in an apartment building, then you will need the consent and approval of the management board as well.
  4. Prep Your Bathroom for the Renovation: To renovate your bathroom, you have to first gut it. Depending on the type of renovation you’re going to do, the ‘gutting’ process could range from the simple removal of a few fixtures or it could entail the complete demolition of the bathroom.
    Here are some things that you should take care of before gutting your bathroom:

    1. Ensure that the water supply to the bathroom is turned off
    2. Ensure that there is none of the belonging or any other useful items in the bathroom
    3. Ensure that you wear the right protective equipment during the gutting. This equipment can include masks, gloves, gumboots, etc.
    4. Ensure that you don’t damage any of the fixtures or items that you want to reuse.
  5. Install the New Flooring/Fixtures: After gutting your bathroom, you have to move on to installing the fixtures/flooring. If you want to install fixtures such as a new tub or sink, be sure to check that the piping is not leaking or broken. On the other hand, if you are going to install some new flooring, you will need to properly prepare the sub-floor.
  6. Paint and Finish: And once you are done installing the flooring and/or fixtures, you can paint your bathroom with the colour of your choice. If there are any wooden or other ‘polishable’ surfaces/products in there, you can give it a good finish to make it look nice and new.

A Few Bathroom Renovation Tips and Tricks

  • Make some space for greenery. Adding a few plants to your bathroom can help in improving the overall look. It can also help in making your time inside the bathroom relaxing and pleasant.
  • Be careful about the flooring. When it comes to bathrooms, you want to install some waterproof flooring in there. Wooden floors are definitely not a good idea.
  • Pick a good colour. Having the right colour in your bathroom can change the way it looks. A dark murky brown (yuck) colour can make your bathroom look cramped and scary. Go for something light, like white or pearly pink, etc.
  • Be generous with the lights. In a bathroom, you can never have enough lights. Consider putting lights on top of the vanity, somewhere around cabinets, in the recesses, and just about anywhere where they can serve a purpose.
  • Make niches and shelves in the walls. Much better than bulging and protruding cabinets are recessed shelves and niches in the walls. They can give you some good storage space while also staying discreet.

Renovating a bathroom all on your own can be fun, but it can be difficult as well. Start your project on Aireno and we will help you make your renovation project smooth and streamlined. We will help you find an expert team to take care of your project while also keeping you up-to-date about all the latest developments.

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