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House Extensions, Made Easy: Steps to Extend Your Home

by Jonny S | 05/01/2023

If you are looking to get a house extension, you’re at the right place. With Aireno, you can easily get in touch with the right experts for your project. You can manage the whole thing right from the app’s dashboard and also seamlessly process your payments. To help you learn more about how we’ll help you with your house extension, keep on reading. We will list the steps for your edification and also guide you on how you can get your extension done on your own


Our Process

How we Make Your House Extension Project run Smooth and Easy

Here is a breakdown of how the process works at Airneo:

  1. Get a House extension quote: To start off your project, you first have to get a quote from our website. Here, you will be required to enter certain details pertaining to your project. Our quoting system will give you an accurate estimate of the total price along with a segmented breakdown of the costs associated with each step/milestone.
  2. Matching You with a Team: After getting your quote, the next step is to match you with an expert team for your house extension project. Our matching process involves a detailed analysis of your requirements, budget, region, etc., to make sure that you are paired with the best professionals.
  3. Planning Your Project: Then, you can use the Houseace dashboard to start planning your project. You can specify the materials to be used, paints, finishes, products, and other items that you want in your house extension. During the planning phase, you can get in touch with your team and discuss your requirements with them as well.
  4. Scheduling and Collaboration: Once all the planning is done, you can get started with putting it all into action. You can schedule your project according to your availability and timeline. You can create trackable milestones for your project that will allow you to stay on top of the progress.
    You can also constantly stay in touch with your team in order to get updates. Should there be any sort of unusual development, your team can instantly let you know about it through the chatting option on the Houseace dashboard.
  5. Making Payments: Houseace also provides you with an option to process your payments directly from the application rather than worrying about being on the site itself. You can make the payments as the different milestones are completed.

Looking for Your Own Experience?

Here are the steps that you can follow for making a house extension like any other typical homeowner:

  • Come up with plans and blueprints: A house extension is more large-scale than a usual renovation or remodelling project. Instead of just making a list or a brief document outlining your requirements, you have to make proper plans and blueprints. For this step, you will need expert help…unless you happen to be an expert yourself.
  • Set Your Budget and Timeline: After the plans are made, you have to decide the amount you’re going to spend on the project. Setting the budget at this point basically helps you decide the quality and type of materials that you are going to use as well as the number of products and fixtures you will buy.
    Other than the budget, you also have to set a realistic timeline. With a fixed schedule in mind, you will be able to arrange and execute the different processes of your project at their required time.
  • Get Permits: If you are looking to do a proper house extension, you will need to get permits from the local government office. The exact process (as well as the obligation, to begin with) can vary depending on your location.
  • Prepare Your Home for the Project: Once your house extension project starts, you probably won’t be planning to keep your family at home. If you’ve arranged someplace to stay for the duration of the project, this is the part where you move there.
    Before leaving, do everything and anything that you find necessary i.e., storing your belongings safely away, turning off the appliances, clearing out the edibles, etc.
  • Get Started with the Extension: After all of the above is done, you can get started with the project itself. You can call your construction team and your architect(s) and have them start working in earnest.

During the project itself, you can either depute someone to keep supervision and give you regular updates, or you can do the same thing yourself. After the construction is complete and the wiring/plumbing/painting is all in place, you can move back in.

Some Tips for House Extension Projects

  • Be sure to hire the right professionals. This is something that you won’t have to worry about if you use Houseace (because we’ll find the best for you). But if you are going to take care of your project yourself, make sure that the experts you hire are skilled and proficient. This applies to the architect, contractor, and the whole construction team.
  • Choose materials according to your budget. Setting a budget is necessary, sure. But it is equally necessary to stick to that budget. When deciding on the materials for your home extension, you have to consider your allocated budget. If you cannot afford it, leave out the fancy hardwood floors and Brazilian marble.
  • Keep Constant Supervision and Get Updates. If you move out of your home for the duration of the project, don’t neglect supervision and updates. Always check in with the team and personally visit the site to see if everything is going according to plan.
  • Be considerate of your neighbours! This is not actually something that can help you with the extension itself, but before starting your project, go to your direct neighbours and talk it out with them. It’s not going to be pleasant for your neighbours to live with loud noises, whirring machines, bangs, whacks, and smacks for a couple of weeks (or months). But, if you talk with them beforehand, they’ll be a lot more tolerating.

Big projects like house extensions can be stressful. By opting to work with digital renovation platforms like Aireno, you can get rid of the troubles of finding a good team, struggling to get updates and making payments, etc. Our application lets you take care of all this right from your smartphone or computer.

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