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Five top tips for choosing interior plantation shutters – [2023]

by Jonny S | 16/02/2020

A luxuriously furnished home is everyone’s dream , decorating home with furniture, vases, electrical appliances, curtains, plantation shutters is quite a conventional approach; there are various unique ideas to design your home.

The idea of window treatment is often underestimated by people when they decorate their homes, but it is one of the areas which has the potential to transform your place picturesquely. The window treatment includes the use of simple curtains, blinders, roller shades, blackout, plantation shutters, roman shades and many more. 

The task of adorning your windows should be given due importance because they are also the source of the sunlight and ventilation for your home. Therefore, your window treatment will either make the room beautiful and desirable to live or make it worse to stay.  

Plantation shutters are the new product in the market, offered by many companies in timber, wooden, aluminum, and polymer materials. Choosing the best plantation shutters will not only control the light entering your room but the privacy and security too. Additionally, these add to the elegance, style, and decency of the place. We recommend Empire Window Furnishings in Sydney and Shuttersmith in the Gold Coast.

Tips for choosing plantation shutters

  • Identifying the place

Plantation shutters first may require the exact spot where they are supposed to be installed. They are available in different sizes and colors suitable to the living room, drawing room, bathroom and for the main entrance as well. Each size, design, and color is somehow native to the specific type of room that can be ruined if not placed correctly. 

Shutters bigger than the windows would not fit in properly. Moreover, they can narrow down the place for other things and can make the room look more congested. On the other hand, shutters smaller than the actual window do not even fulfill the purpose for which they are placed. Shutters are also specifically designed for the bathrooms too.

  • The fabric of shutters

Plantation shutters are available in different materials in the market as mentioned above. The top-selling types are aluminum, wooden, timbers, etc. depending on their advantages. 

Generally, a shutter is easier to get cleaned, unlike the fabric curtains. While buying a shutter, make sure that the fabric of the shutter is moisture-adopting so that wetness and steam onto it can be absorbed right away. Otherwise, its color, which is usually painted, will fade away. 

Other beneficial features of shutters are that they are anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, recyclable, dirt and water-resistant.  Quality shutters do not split, warp or crack, and these are created for best-engineered performance. Hence, they are fire-resistant, repairable, humidity and termite resistant too. Moreover, timber shutters are rated as best for the fabric of shutters. Timber shutters are light weighted with graceful stain finishing.  

  • Style of shutters

Among other benefits, shutters are available in different styles and sizes too. These are available in circular, triangular, and rectangular shapes according to the style of windows. They do not split but can easily be folded back to have proper sunlight. Other types of window clothing, however, take the full space and cannot get sided easily. Shutters have been reported to be used in ancient Greek times too to protect from unbearable weather conditions, including rain, snowfall, summers, and winters. Commonly known styles are specified as full height, café style, and tier-on-tier shutter styles. As the name explains, full-height shutters are single units that open and close as a whole and not in parts. They, therefore, cover the whole window, if opened or closed. The costs of the shutters also vary according to the size and coverage area it provides. The material also adds significantly to the price of the shutter.  

The other type is the café style shutter that covers the lower part of the window providing privacy and natural light both. The third type is tier-on-tier, which is widely preferred because this shutter is divided into two parts. These two parts either from upper or lower, can be opened independently. In this, one can remain open and other closed depending on the requirement of time.

Solid shutters are also in the market, best suitable for the children’s room as they can be stretched from top to bottom as one unit. The tracked shutter is also one of the styles of the shutter that opens with slide. Moreover, these shutters can be customized by many of the companies providing the customer with the ease of one style and design for the whole house in different sizes. It can be customized according to the framing and dividing rails of the window. Customization is more costly but can be more reliable and comfortable for window treatment. 

  • Color of shutters

Coloring of the shutter is yet natural but the most challenging task to choose. It will give brightness and elegance to the room if chosen correctly, according to the color scheme of the room. Just like the fabric curtain, which is always preferred, keeping in mind the base color of the room, the shutter should also be either in contrast or with a combination of the base color of the room. It can also be in bold contrast to the base color of the room or in any way suitable to the person who is supposed to be living in the room. 

Color shutters can give the wall a featured wall look. This can be the focal wall of the room.  In this wall, a wall clock, sticker, hanging pots or motif can be placed to give a vibrant look. If one is not wholly committed and comfortable with the colored look in the long term, simple white or ash white is the best tone to choose. Colored shutters will add to the coziness to the room in winters and will help in keeping the room cold in summers. It will endure the night mode in the room and most of all will shutter the noise coming into the room disturbing the sleep of the person.


  • Affordability and durability


Plantation shutters, as the window treatment, can be expensive as well as cheap for the pocket of the person. It becomes costly, depending on the style, shape, design, and fabric. Therefore, points like weather conditions with suitable color schemes, resistance to humidity and bacteria, should always be considered. These things do not change daily, therefore, they should be chosen after much thinking and consultation.


Plantation shutters available in the market are engrained with more hygienic features attracting the customers to buy them. While top tips, as defined above, for choosing the plantation shutters should always be kept in mind for the best results. 

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