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5 Additional Laundry Renovation Ideas For A Nice Atmosphere

by Jonny S | 13/12/2021

When someone mentions home renovation or interior design, the kitchen and the bathroom get all the focus. But, what about the laundry room? Doesn’t she deserve a nice layout and design? When it comes to renovation, laundry renovation ideas are sometimes abandoned and forgotten to free up funds for other rooms of the house. Even though this feels right in theory, it’s not always the ideal option – particularly if your laundry is badly built or you are trying to sell your property.



So, it takes more than buying good products, it’s good to change the design and use all the space that the room offers. In that case, we listed 5 laundry renovation ideas. 


Redesign Your Space: 5 Laundry Renovation Ideas

Below we listed 5 laundry renovation ideas that came along with storage suggestions that will help you to make the most of your space. Also, we added some decorating ideas to give the space a nice and user-friendly atmosphere. So, let’s roll: 


  • Add An Extra Washing Machine 

Consider doubling your machine count if you have a large home—or family—so you can reclaim some of your work. To be a lawlessly fashionable laundry room that gives a delightful diversion from the additional equipment, paint the room with a share of blue. 


  • Put It Behind A Cabinet 

In case you have no space for a separate laundry room, one of the laundry renovation ideas is to hide the dryer and washing machine behind closed doors in your bedroom. In this case, the cupboards will be coloured the same shade as the walls to make the equipment blend in. If you have front-loading equipment, this is a terrific way to hide them in plain sight in open floor designs and exposed locations. 



  • Add Some Art To The Walls 

If the laundry room lacks a window, that is; it doesn’t have a great view, or even one at all—you can still stare at something pretty. One of the best laundry renovation ideas is to add some decorative tile or art backsplash to line the laundry room walls. This would make mindless chores much more enjoyable than looking at a blank wall.


  • Experiment With Colours 

Natural tones are a good choice for a laundry room floor because of their longevity and relaxed appearance. But what if you try to have fun with some colours and dry different tones. As one of the laundry renovation ideas, we suggest painting a small area to see how it will look before committing to painting the whole laundry room. 


  • Think About The Space 

Consider how you’ll use the space before you fall in love with a certain design. For example, you can build a laundry room that also serves as an entrance room before the bathroom. So here the idea is to put the washer and dryer vertically to make room for a tub. Of course, if the space allows. 


How To Get Started With Your Renovation Idea 


The next step after choosing some of the laundry renovation ideas is to start with the process. With Houseace, you can plan and track your renovation in a matter of minutes. 



Simply get a quote for laundry renovation ideas, define your design specifications, and permit us to connect you with a project planner to obtain outstanding service. The project planner will spend some time learning regarding your objectives and collaborating with design professionals to come up with a strategy that fits your requirements. Manufacturers will pay special attention to you as we negotiate the best prices thanks to customised negotiations supported by your project planner. You may also observe how the project is progressing by checking periodical reports on our website. Every step of the process is documented and monitored. Our technology keeps everybody up to date and on track, resulting in a smooth and stress-free experience.

To Sum Up 

When you plan to renovate your laundry, you need to consider the whole space. Not only buy a quality drier, washer, or tub, it’s good to think about the functionality and storage. But it is also good to think about the design, the colours, or some art to add to be a more friendly space. Whatever you choose, get a free quote right now for your laundry renovation ideas, and let us locate you as a project planner who will work with you from beginning to end.


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