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5 Home Improvement Projects That Don’t Add Value – [2023]

by Jonny S | 29/11/2018

Home improvement projects are a craze these days. There are many people trying to give their property a new look by investing into such renovation jobs; however, do all such investments recoup the value to the house? Contemplating home improvements without proper research and insight don’t really get potential buyers lathered up to your property. Here are 5 improvements that do not necessarily add value to your home.

1. Adding a swimming pool

Although pools are about fun and relaxation with the family in summer, buyers can often see them as excess maintenance and expenses. Pools are actually an investment that lowers the home value a great deal simply due to these factors. Today, most homeowners would rather fill in the pool before buyers come to see for evaluation.

2. Converting a Bedroom

Converting a bedroom into a home office or a larger room is not a bad thing. However subtracting a bedroom can be a bad investment when you go to sell your home. Even if you simply remove a closet, that technically eliminates the bedroom status. The room becomes less valuable, because the next owner may not want to spend money renovating that room. If you do insist on converting a bedroom, ensure that it is easy to “un-do” when you want to sell.

3. Lay Down Carpet

Carpeting costs are an expensive endeavor for homeowners. The material cost along with a professional assistance can sum up to a whopping amount. Of course, the result might be a stunning inclusion to the renovation when done perfectly, but not certainly the most cost-effective job to undertake.

4. Install Ornate Lighting

Perhaps the most exquisite addition to your home can be ornate lighting; however, these products are costly to purchase and everyone has their own style. When looking to re-sell this could turn off potential buyers.

There are homes that have the most amazing lighting, but in a sense they do very little to uplift the property value.

5. Turn your garage into a family play room

A garage converted into a family play room, for instance a billiard room does not make or a valuable property renovating. The fact that garages are usually outside the main house and converting the space into a play room is less expensive than adding another room to your property. But, keep in mind such a conversion would actually hurt the value of your home if the garage is a must for home buyers.

It all starts with a budget so carefully understand what it will cost and what the renovation project value it will add to your home. Use the Houseace Renovation Calculator to see how the numbers stack up or get a fully-inclusive quote by using our quoting engines.

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