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Renovation Project Management – What’s involved?


Do you need a project manager for your renovation project?

If you’re planning a renovation in your home, whether it’s a small toilet renovation or a full house extension, you’ll need to consider how you will manage it. A lot of ‘hidden effort’ goes into getting the final result right – drawing up plans and schedules, getting permissions and quotes, having the right trades and materials on site at the right time and keeping the project on budget, up to standard and on schedule.  And that’s apart from getting the work done!

If your project is relatively small, you might consider managing the whole thing yourself. But if you’re planning a major renovation or house extension with demolition and remodelling, new electrics, plumbing and fittings, for example, that could be a complicated project management task. 

If you choose to renovate with Houseace, every project – however big or small – gets assigned to an expert project manager, who will ensure the project runs on time, budget, and as smoothly as possible. 

Hiring renovation project management

With medium- large renovation projects, a professional project manager or renovation project management team can be a huge help. They spend their working lives managing projects of all sizes – sometimes worth millions of dollars. They can take the burden and stress away from you and ensure you get the result you want on time and on budget. 

Project managers come from three main backgrounds – building companies, architects or interior designers and independent professionals. 

Architects are involved in the initial planning and design stages, so they know what they want the contractors to achieve. But, being on site to supervise or check work may not be the best use of their time. Expect them to charge a fee based on the value of the project or an hourly rate.

Project managers from a building background know their trade and the teams working on the project. That means they’re great for dealing with practical issues on site. However, they are not independent and there could be problems or conflicts of interest if things start going wrong. Some building companies sometimes offer ‘free’ project management, which is usually calculated and incorporated in their total price. 

Independent project managers, as the name suggests, have no conflict of interest and they are specialists in the role. Their responsibility is to ensure that everyone working on site delivers what they are contracted to do. Because they are independent, they can take any corrective action if problems arise. Like architects, their fees will be related to the value of the project and the amount of time they need to spend on site or doing administrative work on your behalf.

So, when you are getting your funds together for the renovation, remember to include the project management fee. It may seem like an extra cost, but if you balance that against potential savings over the project, a professional management fee looks like a good investment.

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Support at every stage of your renovation project 

A good project manager can help you at every stage of the renovation. When the plans from your architect or interior designer are complete, they will check the specifications on site to ensure there are no hidden problems that could cause delays. They can also advise on the permissions you will need and apply for them on your behalf, negotiating any changes with the authorities. 

You should obtain at least three separate quotes for the work. The project manager will review the quotes in detail to ensure that all the labour and material requirements of the project are included. 

They will recommend the most suitable quote, based on price and their experience of the contractor. 

For example, one contractor may place a very low bid, but have a poor reputation for reliability, relying on overtime to bill a higher final figure. 

The winning bid will then be incorporated in a contract which the project manager will check and negotiate any changes with the builder. 

Before work begins, the project manager will draw up a detailed schedule that shows start and end dates for different stages and different trades. They will integrate that with a delivery schedule for materials so that different contractors can get on with their work without the risk of delay caused by late delivery. 

Once work begins, the project manager keeps in contact with suppliers and the team working on site to ensure they are maintaining the schedule. If there is a late delivery or a missing tradesperson, they will make adjustments and progress other work so there is no overall delay. 

When they are on site, they also check the quality of the work to ensure that it meets the specification and the standard agreed in the contract. If necessary, they will ask for any remedial work to maintain quality. 

Throughout the project manager will be available for advice or support, even if they are not on site at the time.  While the work continues, you can relax and get on with your own life without worrying about the job, confident that the end result will be what you expected. 

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Houseace project management Melbourne and Sydney

Every Houseace project, big or small, gets assigned to a dedicated project manager whose sole job is to assist you through every step and be available for full support 7 days a week on the Houseace platform or by phone or email. 

A Houseace project manager will help you with:

  • Products – You can get advice and help with selecting colours, tiles and fixtures all at trade rates from our vast supplier network
  • Contractors – Houseace will choose a top-rated, licensed and insured crew to complete your project within your timeframes
  • Quoting – Your project manager will work through the scope and firm up the price, making sure your quotes are completely transparent
  • Scheduling – You’ll get a start date you want! We’ll coordinate tradespeople and ensure they stick to the agreed schedule
  • Support – You’ll have access to support on the phone, by instant messaging or web app from your project manager 7days a week
  • Quality – We’ll guarantee complete satisfaction with the work or we’ll work with you and the tradespeople to deliver a happy handover


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