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5 Kitchen Colour Ideas For Your Next Renovation – [2023]

by Jonny S | 29/11/2021



Let’s talk about how the heart of the house is the kitchen. A kitchen is a place where your family and friends gather to cook and eat in a beautiful atmosphere. You need to take care of your kitchen making it the best place to be. We are not talking about the full redesign, but you can start with painting your kitchen with a new colour without redoing everything. So, when it comes to kitchen colour ideas, you need to choose a nice colour palette that will make the kitchen more friendly. 


To help you out, we listed the 5 trendy kitchen colour ideas: 


Earthy colours 

This year’s top trend is earthy colours, so include warm and comforting chocolate tones, as well as earthy shades, in your kitchen colour schemes. For a light touch, this kitchen pairs lighter earthy cabinets with lighter countertops. Although if you choose a white kitchen, your worktops are an important element of the overall look. If the majority of your design is colourful, white is one of the greatest kitchen colour ideas for balance that creates harmony and control. 



In the kitchen, grey is a basic colour that is both timeless and secure. Grey makes us feel safe because it wouldn’t ask us to do anything. It’s a fantastic alternative if you’re a busy person who wants your kitchen to blend into the background and be elegant and unobtrusive. Also, another idea is to pair cray with another colour. For example, the kitchen paired with a frigid tone with terracotta can produce a pleasant atmosphere. But, whatever your choice of colour is to pair the dark grey, it’s good to fit your house and with your sensibilities.



Yellow Tones 

As we mentioned before, the kitchen is known as the heart of the home where many of us spend the majority of our time. It’s a location where we can cook, eat, and relax while aimlessly scrolling through our phones and socialising. As a result, we frequently recommend choosing colours for the kitchen that have a more fun and punchy tone to add energy. In this case, one of the best kitchen colour ideas is yellow. Yellow has an emotional effect on us and is an excellent choice for kitchens, especially if there is a shortage of natural sunlight. It’s bright and beautiful, and it invites happiness into the home’s heart.


Classic White 

Classic white is one of the kitchen colour ideas that never go out of style. The smooth White 03 – a gentle white with yellow overtones that may lighten up your place while preserving those pleasant, comfortable vibes – is one of our favourite recommendations. White 01, a bright whiteness with grey tones that can raise the energy levels of any small kitchen idea, is the pinnacle of reflected light. The colour white evokes a sense of peacefulness. It may make a kitchen feel clean, smart, and beautiful when employed in it. 



Green Tones 

Green is one of the most popular kitchen colour ideas right now, and we don’t see it going away anytime soon. When it comes to choosing green for your kitchen, go for the lighter, cooler tones with natural light. The warmer tones are beneficial for north-facing areas or those with little natural light. The green will create a harmonious appearance.


Where To Start? 


If you don’t know where to start with your kitchen redesign or you don’t know which colour to choose from the kitchen colour ideas, Houseace has your back. 


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To Sum Up 

The kitchen is the place where many memories are born. From cooking the first romantic dinner with your partner to making breakfast for the whole family. Also is the place to gather your friends for a nice Sunday dinner. So, it must look good, warm and friendly. In terms of kitchen colour ideas, the most popular colour for 2022 is green but there are other possibilities such as earthy tones, dark grey, classic white, or yellow tones. Doesn’t matter which colour you choose, what matters is that colour to bring life and harmony to your home. 


If you decide to do a small redesign to your kitchen, get an instant quote for your kitchen colour ideas project now and we’ll assign you to a project planner who will assist you from start to finish, from price to maintenance.


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