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5 Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2023

by Jonny S | 14/10/2021

Kitchen renovation and remodelling can lighten your home and make it more welcoming. But, it can bring both pain and joy to most individuals because takes a lot of time and money. So, to be worth all that time and investment, you must have great kitchen design ideas. 


In fact, according to the research “Remodeling Impact Report”, people desire a contemporary kitchen that is inviting and efficient. The advantages of having a newly redesigned kitchen come into play here. A kitchen renovation not only creates a personalised place for your family to meet but also makes cooking more enjoyable. Also, 75% of people have an improved sense of satisfaction while they are at home due to a major kitchen renovation. Another good outcome of kitchen renovation is probably the best investment you can make in terms of increasing the value of your home.


So, while we are here, let’s talk about which kitchen renovation ideas will be popular in 2022. 

Remodeling Your Home: Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2022 

You will need to pick up a couple of design components to your kitchen’s appeal in order to produce a pleasant and elegant style. In this blog post, we will discuss which are the newest kitchen renovation trends for 2022: 

1. Minimalist Style 

In 2020, exposed shelving was trendy, although some people believe it can make a kitchen seem cluttered and disorganized. It’s visually pleasing to keep your gadgets and tableware neatly covered behind cupboard doors, particularly if you live in a house with little space. 


The kitchen equipment such as dishwashers and refrigerators can be hidden in your kitchen. The closed doors in ventilated cabinets or other secret storage options can hide the microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, and kettles.  High lift hinges from a respected kitchen brand provide a contemporary touch as well as utility. Some individuals are going with this kitchen renovation idea a step further by covering the entire kitchen so that it may serve as a dining area and a kitchen at the same time. Although if you like the comfort and warmth of an open minimalist kitchen that serves as a gathering place for family and friends, you can go for that option. 


2. Eco-style 

The attractiveness of eco-style is still at an all-time high. Interior decoration with the utmost attention to naturalness entails choosing natural colours and simple materials, ranging from light blue to fresh tones of green. They can also be brightened with other bright hues, such as pink or raspberry. Natural wood furniture will blend in beautifully with the kitchen. Materials are important in this style, so think linen tablecloths and curtains, live flowers, clay mugs and pots for houseplants, and a sisal rug on the ground.

3.Wood Style 

Wood gives your kitchen renovation depth and interest definitely feels warm and natural. The wood grain appearance may be applied in a variety of ways, from recycled wood benchtops to wooden look cabinet doors. A simple wood element adds to the tale of the room for many individuals. A wooden bench extension, for example, or wooden beading under the island table can transform what is otherwise a basic kitchen into a fashion icon. While some people choose to incorporate more wood into their kitchen design, you must be aware not to go overboard and make the space appear heavy and overcrowded.

4. High Tech

The adoption of cutting-edge materials, precise geometrical proportions, a plethora of lighting systems, and the separation of the workspace with the aid of an “island” has elevated hi-tech to a different level. In today’s world, the style is increasingly being used in kitchen renovation. A real influence in this direction is solid and flawlessly smooth surfaces with a delicate gloss and a minimum quantity of fittings. However, the material might vary; the most important thing is that it be a minimal and architectural masterpiece.  Materials such as marble, glass, chrome metals, concrete are all acceptable options. Neutral chilly tones of grey, green, or blue are the most successful pairings. 

5. Mezzanine Kitchens 

The most important aspect of any kitchen is its efficiency. Three-level kitchens include mezzanines over the upper hanging cabinets, implying an additional level. The height of these cabinets is usually about equal to that of the smaller layers. An extra layer might free up space in the lower cabinets by storing infrequently used kitchen items. In terms of colour scheme, such kitchens follow the “2 different colours” guideline, with one of the colours usually becoming a basic or patterned hue underneath a tree.


Although you might choose your kitchen renovation idea, another important thing to know is the kitchen colour trends for 2022. In this case, we listed the colour trends for you: 

  • White 
  • Green
  • Natural grey tone 
  • Light blue 
  • Duck-egg blue 
  • Soft pink 


These colours will go especially nice if you choose a wooden style. But, they fit all modern kitchen renovation styles. 

To Sum Up 

If you are doing kitchen renovation from the end of 2021- the start of 2022, it’s good to be aware of the new modern kitchen trends. 


You can decorate the kitchen space with natural materials such as stone, wood, or warm-coloured metals. The most important thing is to keep bright boundaries and symmetry in mind and to embellish sparingly. The appearance of marble and gilded elements should not detract from the overall effect. Also, the neoclassical essence can be perfectly highlighted by modest pastel tones and basic colours.  When it comes to selecting kitchen walls, you can avoid patina, curls, or complex patterns. 


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