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5 Things You Should Know Before You Start With Your Kitchen Renovation Process – [2023]

by Jonny S | 11/01/2022

When you are planning a kitchen renovation, you need to consider creating a place that is both enjoyable and useful to work in. Even though the kitchen renovation is more expensive than other renovating stuff around the house, there are a few things you should know for less expensive and more successful kitchen renovation. 



So, to have a beautiful kitchen and less experience with the nerve-wracking kitchen renovation, we listed 5 things that would make your process more effective. 


What You Should Know? 

The kitchen is the heart of the house and it must look nice, friendly and good. You spend most of the time there cooking with family and friends. So, before you start with your kitchen renovation check out our helpful hints: 

  • Smart Planning 

The planning phase of your kitchen renovation should take longer than the building phase. You can reduce the amount of time you’re inconvenienced by building chaos if you plan. You’ll also be more likely to stick to your budget. At least six months is recommended. Analyse your current kitchen: What is the width of the entryway into your kitchen? Many owners fall into the trap of purchasing an extra-large refrigerator only to discover that it would not fit through the entrance. Create a sketch of your kitchen with dimensions for doorways, walkways, worktops, and other features to avoid blunders like this. Do not even forget about your height.


  • Lighting Is Important 

In a kitchen, lights can make all the difference. It can make it appear bigger and lighter. It will also assist you in working securely and productively. In your kitchen, you must have two types of lights:


  • Light for cooking/working: Because cabinets provide such dark work environments, under-cabinet lights should be on your must-have list. There’s no better opportunity to install lights when you think about kitchen renovation. To avoid shadows, plan for at least two lamps per job area.
  • Atmosphere lighting: This is created in your kitchen by rinse ceiling lamps, lighting fixtures, and additional components. Dim switches can be used to modify the strength and tone of the lighting.

  • Install Storage 

When it comes to kitchen renovation, storage will not go out of fashion, and if you’re working with limited space, here are a few suggestions for adding more. Install cupboards that reach the ceiling, yes they’ll cost extra — and you’ll probably require a stepladder. But they’ll provide you additional storage room for Xmas plates and other seasonal items. You also won’t have had to dust the cabinet tops. Also, you can hang things up. So add hangers to the backsides of cabinet doors for aprons, wooden sticks, and cleaning products, and put small storage units on disused wall spaces and inside cabinet doors. 

  • Focus On The Product Quality 

Throughout kitchen renovation, efficiency and endurance should be the main considerations. Avoid low-quality offers and go for the products that require little care and have a longer guarantee. Strong worktops, for example, may be more expensive, but with careful care, they will last a long time. Also, if you’re going to sell your home soon, devices with long guarantees are a big seller.


  • Don’t Change The Footprint 

Modifying the location of pipework and power outlets, as well as pulling down walls, will push up the price of a makeover. This is frequently when unanticipated issues arise. Keep utilities, plumbing fixtures, and ceilings in the same place if possible. Will indeed save money on the kitchen renovation project, but you’ll also decrease the amount of dirt and trash generated by your job.


Who Can Help You With the Kitchen Renovation? 

After you plan the kitchen renovation, you need designers. However, this can be a stressful time in your life. So, if you want to be stress-free, hire Houseace’s services. In just a few minutes, you can plan and track your renovationproject. 


Simply get a quote for your kitchen renovation plan and submit your design criteria, and we’ll connect you with a project planner to ensure you receive the best possible service. The project planner will spend time learning about your objectives and working with product designers to build strategies that will match your requirements. With the support of your development manager’s bespoke negotiations, producers will pay special attention to you as we get the best rate for you. You can also monitor the progress of the project by visiting our website’s regular updates. Each step of the approach is properly documented and reported. Our technology ensures that everyone is up to date and on schedule, leading to a stress-free lifestyle.


As you know the kitchen is typically probably the most useful area in your house, you want it to be a place you enjoy spending time in.Apart from working equipment, having a kitchen design you love for coming years is essential. So, before you start with the kitchen renovation process it’s good to know the things that can help you improve your own. Also, if you are looking for professional help, get a free quote now for a kitchen renovation project and let us find you a project planner who will work with you from beginning to end.

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