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The Need-To-Know Australian Kitchen Trends for 2023

by Jonny S | 11/10/2021

Australian kitchen trends for 2020

When it’s time to update your kitchen, you need to be in the know on current trends from Australia’s top interior designers. Whether you are trying to make your kitchen more stylish, or you’re simply replacing some key fixtures or fittings, going with on-trend designs can really maximise your kitchen’s potential. So without further ado, here are the need-to-know Australian kitchen trends for 2020.

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Innovative storage

You’ll find that a lot of Australian designers are trying to find new and interesting ways to deal with storage. You might think that where you store your pots and pans and various spices in the kitchen would simply be a matter of necessity and practicality, but why can’t you have all that and couple it with sleek, modern design? This is the question that today’s designers are trying to answer, and they do so by making the storage spaces subtler so that they blend right into the lines of the kitchen. This is known as hidden storage. 

Another way that storage is being modernised is through the use of plentiful storage spaces. This means that everything in the kitchen has a place, so there are no cluttered counters. Yes, you’ll have to spend a bit more time getting out the things you need, but having clear counter space makes your kitchen so much more attractive, clean looking and stress-free. 

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Bringing nature inside

There are a lot of ways that you can play with incorporating natural objects or textures in your home, and you have to be careful about overdoing it in the kitchen. A smart modern designer will include some minor touches of nature in their work. This could be as simple as placing a plant on the counter or as in-depth as adding wood panelling on some of the kitchen walls or on the cabinets. To give that panelling a more natural, rustic look, the designer may leave it looking rough and unpolished. 

Durable laminate, raw tones and other touches that look just a little outdoorsy are a great way to create a sense of character for your kitchen. You can also use some old-fashioned fixtures, such as vintage taps or art deco cupboards to complement the natural components. 

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Create a feature space

Feature walls are a big trend all over the world, and they really make a kitchen stand out with a modern look that isn’t too expensive to create. By adding some task lighting on one wall, along with a splash of colour or texture, you can create a highlight for your kitchen that instantly draws the eye. A lot of homeowners choose to do this with the backsplash behind the stovetop or in one of the main workstations in the kitchen. This creates a centrepiece for your room and can allow you to get a little creative. 

One way to achieve the feature wall effect is to use brickwork or some other textured surface only on that portion of the wall. So, instead of changing up the entire kitchen with an expensive surface texture, you simply do one small portion and realise a marvellous effect that stands out beautifully.

Terrazzo countertops

When it is time to update the countertops, you can go with a trendy look by making them out of terrazzo. This chip-style marble finish is very decorative, but also smooth and practical. Terrazzo is a huge trend right now for hard surface areas, and it is commonly used in modern bathrooms and kitchens to create a more ornate surface where normally there would be something plain and boring.

Spice up your kitchen and stay right on trend with this fashionable countertop option. If you are looking to spend a little less than what it would cost you to cover all your kitchen countertops with terrazzo, you can either just do a single countertop or island, or you can opt for a cheaper alternative that offers a lookalike surface similar to genuine terrazzo. There are some high-quality imitations being offered by contractors that may work well for someone on a budget. 

Create accents with brass

Once again, we are looking at a trend that you can use as sparingly as you like and still get some great results. Brass really stands out in a plain-coloured kitchen, especially a kitchen with lighter hues. If you change out your current tap for a brass one, the highlight effect it creates will be incredible. Try replacing cabinet handles, shelf supports or any other minor metal components in your kitchen with brass. Using this metal sparingly will allow it to have the greatest impact and will help to keep your costs low as well. 

Handmade touches

A lot of Australians are adding their own creations to their kitchen or buying handmade items from friends, relatives or local craftspeople. These objects are sometimes items that have practical value and that would be useful in the kitchen, and some of them are simply decorative. What makes them appealing is the imperfections and how they add something special to a modern kitchen. A handmade vase, sculpture or trinket can become a talking piece for your kitchen and make it feel like a more personal space to you. 

The organic shapes of arts and crafts make them perfect for the trendy kitchen, as bespoke items are hugely popular these days. They can cost a bit more than a manufactured item, but they also make your kitchen somewhat unique, since no one else will have something quite like it in theirs. 

Making your kitchen trendy

Are you looking to have a kitchen that is on trend for 2020? If you think one of these is right for you or you want some other ideas, then give us a call on 1300 304 367.  Check out our renovation calculator for an instant, fixed quote for your kitchen renovation project.

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