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Top Kitchen Renovation Trends This Year – [2023]

by Jonny S | 28/11/2018

Your kitchen is probably the one place that you have to keep trendy. In doing this, you need to ensure that you select trends based on the value they bring to your home as opposed to simply following a certain trend. Remember, the trend choices you make will ultimately determine the appearance of your kitchen a few years down the line. Below are some of the best kitchen Renovation trends that address dynamic lifestyle needs.

Love White

A few years ago, it would have been hard to believe that white kitchens could become popular. Interesting enough, white kitchen cabinets are increasingly becoming the preferred choice by most homeowners. A survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association established that over 65% of homeowners preferred white cabinets. So why exactly does the popularity for white kitchens keep soaring? White appliances are much easier to clean enabling you to better manage your kitchen. In addition, the expensive allure that stainless steel had in the past has disappeared.

Go For a Sophisticated Grey Colour

Grey colour is seen as the most preferred colour in most kitchens. However, grey can be tricky depending on where your home is located. In cold areas, grey appears hazy and should be paired with brighter colour such as red. On the other hand, grey works perfectly for homes in warm climates and despite the fact that white kitchens remain popular, grey colour will always be a safe bet.

Stone Counters Are the Best

Stone is currently the toughest material for countertops as it does not scratch easily. In addition, you do not have to seal stone in order to prevent stains on countertops. There is a significant percentage of homeowners who prefer granite because of its appearance. The decision to choose stone over granite depends on whether you are looking for toughness or the unique appeal that is associated with granite.

Invest in Energy Efficient Lighting.

Contrary to popular belief, LEDs can work magic in your kitchen. In fact, ribbons of LEDs are common in most kitchen places not forgetting the fact that some creativity when installing them can give your kitchen a unique appearance. LEDs can last 50,000 and since they do not emit any heat, you do not have to worry about your cabinet or walls getting burn marks. The growing popularity of energy efficient lighting has also seen the price of LEDs come down hence affordable to an average homeowner.

Stick to a Transnational Design

While you may want to give your kitchen a unique touch, ensure that the entire design is not out of sync after a few years. The best way to accomplish this is by choosing a design that a contemporary and a traditional look. A contemporary design alone can make your kitchen appear cold and can sometimes be challenging to maintain particularly if you are living in a busy home.

Embrace Accessibility.

The key to making your life much easier is having the right modifications in the kitchen. Homeowners have discovered just how much important accessibility is which is why they are seeking features that enable them to carry out kitchen activities with minimal effort. For example, you need to have your kitchen appliances at counter height meaning that you won’t have to either reach up or bend down when using them.


Since renovating a kitchen requires a lot of commitment from you as the homeowner, ensure that the design choices you make will ultimately suit your lifestyle needs but at the same time need to be cost-effective. You can also customise the drawers to hold different appliances in their place as opposed to rumbling around in chaos. Get you free Kitchen Renovation quote here. 

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