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Interior Painting Ideas 2023: Top 7 Wall Painting Colour Ideas For Your Home

by Jonny S | 23/10/2021

Over a year of changes, you might feel the need to redesign your space and add some colour since we spend so much time in our houses. Is understandable, covid-19 shaped our lives differently, and it’s time for a better chance. When it comes to colour, it says a lot about us as well as the home, so it’s wise to choose smart wall colour ideas. 

When it comes to painting your walls, some prefer bright colours, others prefer more natural tones, or others want to make a statement with their colour choice. Doesn’t even matter which one you are, if you get bored of your current colour combinations, we listed the top wall colour ideas for 2023. 

How To Colour Your Space in 2023



There are so many colours to pick from that keeping all of your walls white might be tedious. While white is common because of its lighting capabilities, other colours can be used to create a far more fashionable environment. Each shade evokes a different response, so we must consider not only our personal preferences but also the place in which we will use them. For example, painting a living room versus a kitchen, or a tiny corridor versus a huge dining room, is not quite the same. 


In this case, to help you out we listed the best wall colour ideas for 2023: 


  • Babouche

This wonderful brownish-yellow will bring the warmth of the sun to your house. Even though it is a vibrant and striking colour, it will not overrun your space. It can also be used in larger spaces. Babouche adds a bit of sunshine to any room, especially when paired with the white. The colour has basic, but it’s one of the top wall colour ideas for bath panels, floor, walls and gives a folky vibe to it and a striking overall appearance.


  • Green 

Using a single colour on the walls and furniture, such as vibrant green, can make a room appear larger by concealing the space’s limitations. The striking usage of this single colour also makes an excellent backdrop for art or equipment that may be repurposed with a coat of Modern Eggshell. It’s one of the wall colour ideas for your space that will bring light changes throughout the day. 


  • Rose Breeze

This tone of pink is perfect if you want a gentle, lively, and trendy tone. Soft roses, such as this one, provide warmth and light to the area, as well as some charming sentimental and feminine undertones. It is a colour that is defined by its lightness and sensitivity, which produces a very warm mood in the area. It is one of the most used wall colour ideas in modern and younger rooms or bedrooms.



  • Savasana

This tone is one of the wall colour ideas that include a lot of warm and gentle beige notes that make it a cheerful and inviting colour. It’s perfect for sitting rooms because this is a neutral tone that works with other furniture shades or styles, but it’ll look great in any house. Warmth and luminosity are the key feelings they evoke, and it’s also a tone that evokes calm and visual purity, and it’s associated with timeless, romantic, and historical designs.


  • Gray 

Whenever you want to give a room identity calmly, grey is a popular choice. It allows you to dabble with various colours and decorations. This colour is a light grey with warm undertones, making it excellent for use in bedrooms or corridors when paired with a neutral colour. It’s one of the wall colour ideas that evokes feelings of calm and peace, and because it’s a light tone, it lends radiance to any area, making it appear larger.


  • Strong Blue 

Indoor blue has been popular for a long time and appears to be here to stay. It’s a shade with a lot of personalities, but also beauty, and it’s associated with the sea and Greek design. It is a deep and dark colour with a lot of personalities that are commonly used in bedrooms to give calm and tranquility. It’s usually paired with lighter colours to bring out its neutrality, and it’s regarded as a standard in the home design world.


  • Turmeric

With a vivid orange colour inspired by turmeric, this colour embodies all of India’s joy and vitality, which makes it one of the most used wall colour ideas in their country. With its individuality and sense of excitement, this shade is great for bringing light and style into the living areas and dining rooms. 



To Sum Up 

You don’t have to paint your room in a single tone; various mixes will show off all of the benefits of each hue while also allowing you to express yourself. You now have a good idea of which wall colours ideas will be popular in 2023. And if you want a professional opinion, start your painting project in just a few clicks by getting an instant quote. Just tell us about of the project, what you want, and we will match you with a project planner to plan and help you with everything you need. 

If you are ready to colour up your house, tell us in the comments, which colour is your favourite? 


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