Bathroom Renovation - 17 Eltham street, Flemington : Job Done with Houseace
Karen's Project
17 Eltham Street, Flemington
What We Did

Bathroom Renovation
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Toilet Renovation
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Floating Flooring
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How It Went

  • Design and Ordering - 5 Days

    Setup of important site information, finalise and order product and finishes.

  • Demolition and preparation

    Strip out stage, remove all fixtures set out bathroom and inspect

  • Framing - 2 Days

  • Pipe out and Pre wire 4 days

  • Lining and Water Proofing - 5 days

  • Tiling and painting - 4-6 Days

  • Finishes and Fitoff - 3 Days

  • Clean and Handover - 1 day


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