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Custom projects Made Easy

Planning a renovation but don’t know where to get started?. Let Houseace do all the hard work for you. With our team of licensed experts at your service, you can get any project started and completed with zero hassle along the way. Our project planners guide you through the entire project, they help connect you to a team of suppliers, tradespeople, and designers. We also help get you an accurate estimate of the project cost using our free online quoting algorithm. Once the work has started, we monitor it closely and see it through completion, all while keeping you in the loop but managing the tiresome work for you. Go to our website today to get started.

Expert project management
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Hassle-free renovations
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Luxury Renovations

Want your house to resemble a 5-star hotel but don’t know how? Let Houseace help! Reach out to us and let us know what you have in mind, we’ll bring the options to you according to your budget and preferred styles

Complex Renovations

If you have a unique idea that you’re not quite sure how to execute, let us know and watch us do it for you!

Certified Projects

It’s always risky getting work done by a third party for your home. You’re always worried about certifications, licensing, and all that. But when you get work done through Houseace, rest assured everything is done according to laws and regulations.

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