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Floor Restoration Made Easy

If you want to instantly change the outlook of any space in your house, changing the flooring is a quick way to do so without changing much about the space!. However, it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out the materials, colours, and get the whole thing done within your budget. Thankfully with Houseace, the task becomes a breeze. We specialise in picking the best quality materials for your floor project that fit well within your requirements and also your budget!. Our team of experts ensure a hassle-free installation within a reasonable time frame. To get your floor projects done with Houseace, using our online quoting tool choose your project preferences and get an instant quote. Once the price is settled, we will connect you to a specialised project planner who will guide you through the entire process of your flooring project, start to finish, with around-the-clock support.

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Timber Floor Sanding

Just want to renew the look of your existing hardwood floors? We got you covered! Get your timber floors sanded easily with Houseace and have them look brand new

Hardwood Timber Floors

Switch up the look of your place with modernistic hardwood timber floors, installed to perfection by our licensed craftsmen

Tiled Floors

Add a touch of sophistication to any space with elegant tiles! Contact us today for a variety of options to choose from


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Plan everything through your project dashboard; choose your team, select products, finishes & colours. Finalise design and document your project.

We’ve made team communication easy by having everyone on one feed. Chat directly with your team, share project updates, photos, plans or documents.

Understand exactly what happens when. Track & monitor project process on our visual milestone manager. Literally watch your project unfold in real time.

Fair & transparent progress payments made through a safe & secure digital payment processor. Detailed payments for each stage in your project.

Having a digital workflow makes managing defects & handover super easy. Renovation projects usually fall over from lack of communication & documentation. Our project portal keeps everyone inline automatically.

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