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5 Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas 

by Jonny S | 18/10/2021

When it comes to bathroom renovation, lighting is one of the most important parts you need to consider. In considerations of both appearance and function, the correct bathroom lighting can make or break your entire space. You need to look for bathroom lighting ideas from the beginning of the project. 


The bathroom light offers visibility and help for daily tasks such as shaving, putting a makeup, brushing your teeth, etc. It has a huge role, so it’s good to think out-of-the-box. First, start by thinking about the atmosphere you want to create once you enter the bathroom. For example, do you want a stimulating and vibrant or more pure and calm bathroom? Or do you want natural light? Then think about if the functionality of the light will meet your daily needs? Well, when it comes to selecting the type of lighting you want, the possibilities are unlimited. 



To help you out, we listed the top 5 modern bathroom lighting ideas that will serve you and look good at the same time. 


5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas That You Must Consider In 2022 


As we mention, choosing your bathroom light is one of the important tasks you need to do when redesigning your space. It’s entirely up to you, but to make it easier for you, here are the greatest bathroom lighting ideas and give you tips on how to strike the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

  • Layer Your Bathroom Light 

Multiple light sources will always enhance the appearance of your bathroom, regardless of its size. Accent spotlights, task lighting, downlights, and recessed lighting will be used to produce a scheme that will meet all of your demands. Which includes functional lighting for day-to-day tasks, reduced light levels, and nighttime illumination. So, for balanced space, using task light over a mirror is one of the most popular bathroom lighting ideas. For example, the primary bathroom light will illuminate the space, and the accent lighting to highlight a feature in the bathroom. 

  • Coloured Lighting 

One of the fun bathroom lighting ideas is to put lights of different colours. The colour choice in this bathroom is fantastic. It’s unique and fun, and it truly pulls the small area to life. The adorable coral illumination accomplishes the effect by tying the colours in the artwork and the sinks together. Also, notice how the lights shine down directly in the mirror; this not only doubles the colour but also implies that even more light will be mirrored around the space.


  • Lighting Into the Celling 

Intelligent lighting into the ceiling gives the modern-elegance look. In the daytime, you want your bath to be bright and useful, especially around the mirror, yet you also like to be able to relax in the afternoons with a wonderful relaxing bath. With fairly bright lighting aiming in all directions, this is an ideal bathing environment for soothing soaks without the risk of overwhelming rays. Spotlights and LEDs can be easily hidden against reclaimed ceilings and walls.

  • Hidden Lighting 

After applying intelligent lighting into the ceiling, hidden lighting comes next as one of the most used bathroom lighting ideas for the bathroom. It’s about hiding your lighting within the recess, woodwall, or cabinets. And you won’t be able to see the generator. Such lights must be intended for use in bathrooms and have an IP rating that reflects their proximity to water. Your design team and electrician can help you with this. Bright bathroom lighting ideas are the greatest and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including uplights, downlights, and LED ropes, which are 50-90 percent more energy-efficient than halogen.

  • Install Modern Pendant 

Lighting is no longer seen as a technique of use in the dark. It can completely change a space, much like the greatest art or decor, and is an excellent starting point for a design strategy. Make a major impact and don’t be reluctant to express it. It takes a bit of courage, but modern pendant lighting could be one of the greatest bathroom lighting ideas for you. Big chandeliers, drums pendants, and enormous floor lamps are all popular among those who want their light to express an opinion.


Free Advice From Us 

According to us, you need to choose task lighting bathroom lights for daily duties. If you like a special touch – you can go for accent lighting. But, if you prefer to illuminate the whole space, choose the ambient lighting. However, be aware that special lighting may be required in a bathroom due to rigorous rules. Any lighting equipment you use in the bathroom should be certified for usage in that zone and have an IP rating appropriate for that zone.

After all, light can make a space appear larger and airier. It can also manipulate dimensions to hide less appealing features, and, of course, it can drastically alter the mood. If you don’t know which one to choose from the above bathroom lighting ideas, get an instant quote for your bathroom and our team of experts will guide you through the design elements for your bathroom lighting to better embrace the space. 


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