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Best Living Room Flooring Ideas

by Jonny S | 08/11/2021

Flooring is a significant expense because it will most probably be one of the major, if not the biggest, parts of the house to decorate. As a result, deciding on a living room flooring option is not a decision being made carelessly. You would not want to risk being dissatisfied with the results after investing the money in living room flooring. 

Consider how you will use the space when choosing your living room flooring. Consider the current colour scheme, but keep in mind that tastes and trends vary over time; picking a timeless style will guarantee that new living room flooring lasts.

So, if you plan to redesign your living room flooring, then it’s good to know which are the best options.

The 3 Best Styles For Living Room Flooring 


Even though the carpet is the most popular living room flooring, there are the other 3 best flooring options. It’s important to choose a durable type but also a style that will meet your needs. So, here we listed the 3 main living room flooring ideas: 

  • Wood Living Room Flooring 

Wood flooring is attractive and fashionable. They have a classic appearance and add natural brightness to living rooms. They’re warm underneath, which makes them more pleasant to walk on than ceramic and porcelain floors. Wood floors are suitable with heated floors systems if additional warmth is needed, and area rugs can also be utilised to offer warmth and character.


Most of all, wood is a natural resource that is obtained and manufactured sustainably. As a result, wood is one of the most expensive forms of living room flooring, but it is one of the most gorgeous and long-lasting. Because of their robust and sturdy nature, hardwood planks may be sanded and refinished whenever they begin showing scuff marks. As a result, depending on their condition or how well they’re cared for, wood floors can survive for generations.

  • Laminate Living Room Flooring 

For owners seeking a wood-like finish for their living room floor but unable to buy wood, laminate provides an appealing and reasonable option. As opposed to wooden floors, it is comparatively affordable. Nevertheless, it can flawlessly simulate the look of genuine flooring types of wood, as well as other natural materials like tiles and marble, just like vinyl flooring. 

Laminate living room flooring of greater quality is also incredibly long-lasting. The laminate floors’ high-density core board provides exceptional durability, so they can sustain large living room furniture without scuffing. Laminate also features a robust top protective layer on the top to eliminate scratches and yellowing, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as living rooms and houses with dogs.


  • Vinyl Living Room Flooring 

Vinyl has several benefits that make it a great choice for your living room floor. It’s a scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, and scuff-resistant substance. It’s simple to set up and manage, as well as soft and quiet flooring and comes in an almost infinite variety of colours and patterns. When contrasted to other flooring options such as natural and manufactured wood, tile floors, and marble, vinyl is also comparatively inexpensive.

Vinyl is a common living room flooring option for a variety of households for these characteristics. Owners searching for a low-cost floor that they might construct themselves and want the freedom to choose from a variety of styles and design choices. It’s also a great choice for budget-conscious individuals who want a wood-look floor without paying the high cost of actual wood.


Ask Yourself These Questions Before Investing 

The variety of designs and styles available is practically unlimited with so many various flooring solutions perfectly suited to the living room. Your living room must be an enticing and pleasant environment where you like spending quality time alone and with friends and family, regardless of whether your style is vintage or modern, easygoing or professional.

Ask yourself a few simple questions that can help lead your layout and design choices.


  • How crowded will it be? 
  • What is your financial plan?
  • What is the size of your living room? 
  • What is your home’s overall design style?

Once you know the answers to the questions will be easier to choose a living room flooring design that perfectly meets your needs. And then start thing about area rugs, art, furniture, colours, or lighting. 

To Sum Up 

Selecting flooring for each area in your house necessitates taking into account the home’s overall style. This is especially noticeable in the living room, which is normally the home’s focal point. Living rooms are often one of the busiest and most open spaces in the house, where families and friends congregate to rest or socialise.

 That’s why we need to make smart choices when it comes to living room flooring. And the best 3 flooring choices are wood, vinyl, and laminate. These flooring options are all simpler to manage and sanitise than carpets, as well as stain-resistant. These also come in a wide number of styles, designs, colours, and patterns, allowing you to experiment with a diversity of living room flooring options. But for a better choice, it’s a good idea to ask a professional. Houseace can help you match with the right project planner that will assist with installing the perfect living room flooring, and give you professional advice to meet your requirements. 


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