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What should be in a home improvement quote? – [2023]

by Jonny S | 28/11/2018

Getting quotes for home improvement services like house painting, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and flooring projects can be a very timely and confusing process.

This is usually down to the fact that not all quotes are made equal and when comparing apples with bananas it raises many questions, this is a very common roadblock so we decided to dissect what a good quote will look like. See below:

  1. The Scope: This is the part of the quote that tells you exactly what is to be done, it covers things like rooms to paint or what type of tile you’ll use in your bathroom renovation. This section needs to be clear and it must contain in detail what you’ve asked for otherwise when a quote is vague this leaves the door open for variations to be charged later on. At Houseace we’ve changed the game by offering a clear, fully-inclusive quote based on the options you’ve chosen. Get your Home renovation quote in just 2 minutes.
  2. The Price: This seems pretty self explanatory but is also very confusing, a good price section is expected to have a subtotal against each minor item along with a grand total at the very end. There should be room for taxes and other price inclusions, we’ve seen many cases when a homeowner has accepted a quote based on the price on to later find out it doesn’t include GST. The Houseace quoting engine generates a fully-inclusive quote which will clearly include the price of labour, material and tax.
  3. Terms & Conditions: This is where is can get tricky, the terms & conditions section should include responsibilities of each party, payment terms, liability, guarantees and warranties. Most contractors will use a standard template so these should line up, if a contractor has nothing in place this can been seen as a red flag because if a project goes bad its the terms that will navigate the project back to where it should be. The Houseace terms & conditions are always available online and on each online project quote

Other things to look for.

  • Schedule section – This is helpful when deciding on a contractor, you should know when they can start and how long each step will take. Houseace will send you a complete project schedule with your final quote.
  • Payment methods – Its important to understand how and when you should pay. There should be a payment schedule and different ways to pay. Houseace instantly generates a payment schedule on your live quote and to make it even easier we can accept credit cards online through our payment partner stripe.
  • Project Management Software – Has the contractor given you a way to track and manage communication after you’ve accepted? These days we are spoilt for choice when it comes to technology so a good project management software will help your project run smoothly. The Houseace project portal is a central point for instant communication, questions and payments.

We’ve all heard those horror stories about cost over runs, hidden variations once a project starts and communication breakdown due to confusion. This all can be avoided at the very beginning by knowing what to look for in your home renovation or improvement quote, make sure you follow those steps outlined above, it will not only ensure you select the right tradesperson for the job but give you an much better renovation experience.

How does Houseace do it differently? 

Here at Houseace we’re on a mission to simplify and streamline home improvement! It all starts with our proprietary quote engines which allow anyone to get an instant quote for projects like Interior & Exterior Painting, Bathroom Renovations; Kitchen Renovations; Laundry Renovations; Decking……and much more.

This cuts the usual quoting process down by about 60%, that translated into time can range from 2 days for smaller projects to weeks for larger projects.  The Houseace quoting engine is a great time saver and eliminates any confusion.

Having a customer centric approach to business and dedication to technology, help us achieve a truely hassle free home improvement experience for our customers.

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