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A Peek At Some of Our Latest Kitchen Renovations in Sydney

by Jonny S | 12/07/2021

The finished product of a well-thought out renovation is so satisfying, and here at Houseace, we love what we do so much that we wanted to share some of our latest kitchen renovations in Sydney with you! If you’re interested in renovating your kitchen and you live in Australia, get an instant kitchen renovation quote today. 

What’s trending in kitchen design?

The pandemic lockdowns sparked a fresh desire for homeowners to transform their living spaces for the better, and the heart of the home was high on the list priorities. 

The practicality of integrated storage solutions has been in particularly high demand as people look to improve the functionality of their homes. In terms of style, there are many trending options, including the popular introduction of earthy, grounded tones, bringing the calm of nature into the home, and two-tone effects for a modern yet minimalistic finish.

Let’s explore some of these trends and more as we take a peek at some of our latest kitchen renovations in Sydney.

Spacious island living

This design maximised the area floor-to-ceiling to create some exceptional storage space without interruption, making up for the lost counter space (usually between upper and lower cabinetry) by adding a magnificent island. 

Finished in the trending theme of earthy, neutral colours, the wood tones of the floors perfectly compliment the darker wood finish of the wall cabinets. Then, to set this theme off beautifully, the giant island of lighter marble lifts the overall feel of the space perfectly.

Kitchen islands have been trending for a long time and are going nowhere. They can stand alone or work well as kitchen bench extensions, and can be the perfect solution to sectioning off an open living area into designated spaces.

Additionally, the deep hollow section for under bench stools is the perfect solution to sharing a meal or drinks, and nibbles with guests or family members, whilst pottering in the kitchen!

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Earthy tones to bring nature inside the kitchen

Having been trapped in our homes for so long amidst multiple lockdowns, the trend to bring the calming, grounded tones of nature inside the home is no surprise and continues to be extremely popular.

With this kitchen renovation in Sydney, the warmth and textural wood finishes were pulled together by incorporating polished wooden floors, benchtops and stool tops. The dark, cool grey/green of the matt-finished cabinetry perfectly compliments the wood and gives a contemporary, yet warm country feel.

Natural materials are in high demand for use with both splashbacks and benchtops, including marble, granite, timber and concrete. Granite is particularly robust and durable, warranting the higher price tag, but you can’t beat a solid timber slab benchtop for that warm, natural feel.

Minimalist two-tone kitchen renovations

The choice of cool wood tones to the flooring sets this minimalist two-tone theme off beautifully, adding just the right amount of warmth and natural texture to balance out the sleek modern cabinetry.

Two-tone themes have been gaining popularity in kitchen design trends of late, typically featuring one colour to the base cabinets and another to the overhead cupboards. White kitchens are still considered the classic choice, whilst black cabinetry makes a bold impression with its texture and depth. The right combination of both can be really striking, as seen in this great example. Lighter benchtops also balance out the darkness of the base cabinets and tie into the lightness of the upper portion of the design.

Also in this particular kitchen renovation in Sydney, a minimalist approach has been taken to further complement the two-tone effect. Opting for large, marble finish splashbacks adds a contemporary touch, whilst choosing handleless cabinet doors takes the modern, minimalistic theme even further. Handleless doors render an elegant and clean look – if you’re not a fan of recessed handles, you can always opt for push-open doors to maintain that sleek look.

Functional, modern kitchen design

As previously discussed, the lockdowns really got people thinking about the functionality of their homes, and just how they could improve upon the use of their space. While the kitchen itself isn’t pictured here, this kitchen/dining space is a fantastic example of how the right design can transform the use of limited spaces. The compact kitchen was sorely lacking in space for storage, and cooking in it became a lonely exercise!

Cutting away a significant portion of the joining wall allowed the dining area to be reconnected to the kitchen, while losing no cabinetry as extra storage space was then incorporated into the design of the dining room area. We love how this kitchen renovation in Sydney brought the two areas back together to create a whole new energy for family dinners and entertaining guests!

Final thoughts

These are just a few of the examples of smart, modern and functional kitchen renovations in Sydney through Houseace and we are very proud to put our name to them! 

Kitchen design is all about mixing personal tastes with functional needs, determining what your particular household needs are in terms of space, storage and movement. Kitchens remain the heart of any home – a place to gather, create, share good times, or relax in alone to cook up something tasty. You know best what aesthetic will make you feel the most comfortable and at home in your kitchen, as well as which finishes will make you the most proud to show it off! 

Kitchens can quickly become one of the biggest home renovations that we take on, so it’s also essential to choose designs that add value to your home and will continue to for many years to come.

If you are considering renovating your kitchen, but you’re not sure where to start, let Houseace help you! At Houseace, we walk you through every single step, carefully creating a detailed plan and ensuring that you understand every aspect regarding your design with pin-point accuracy. Get a no-obligation kitchen renovation quote today!

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