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How Long Does It Take To Renovate A Kitchen? – [2023]

by Jonny S | 18/06/2020

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home. And, if it’s combined with a dining area, your kitchen diner is likely to be the centre of daily life. So, if you’re planning a kitchen renovation, you will have to prepare for some disruptions to normal life. Here we’ll answer the question, “How long does it take to renovate a kitchen?” and provide a detailed kitchen renovation timeline. 

Forget the hassle

You’ll have to make new cooking arrangements, relocate some big appliances and find somewhere to store all the food and everything else that normally lives in the kitchen. That makes “How long will it take?” a big factor in choosing the company to handle your renovation. 

Here at Houseace, we aim to make your kitchen renovation as quick and hassle-free as possible. So, when you come to choose your supplier, ask the right questions and make sure you take all the factors into consideration. 

Small refurbishment or complete renovation?

Don’t be fooled by the television make-over shows that transform a kitchen in a single episode. Normal life isn’t like that. Realistically, with experienced crews like ours, we’re talking about four to eight weeks, depending on the scope of your renovation. 

Just installing new units and worktops from a DIY store is straightforward and quick. But, if you’re considering custom-built units, repositioning some major built-in appliances and new flooring and lighting, that will take longer. 


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All the skills you need

Also, take into account who will handle the work. Some small firms claim one person can do it all. That’s a lot of skills for one person! Others might bring in subcontractors to handle the specialist jobs like plumbing, electrics, cabinet making, flooring and tiling. That’s fine, but if some of the specialists can’t turn up on the days they’re needed, the schedule will slip. 

At Houseace, we’ve got all the skills on our crew, so we coordinate everything for you. You’ve got one point of contact and one number to ring if you’ve got any questions. Our experienced crews usually take around 6 weeks, but of course, it depends on the scope and size of the project. Here’s a more detailed kitchen renovation timeline. 

Kitchen renovation timeline

Clear the old kitchen (2 days) 

This is the messiest stage. The cabinets come out, flooring is removed, tiles come off and all the fixed appliances are removed.  If necessary, the sink is removed and any water and waste pipes sealed off. The crew check for any structural damage to the walls or floor and make sure gas and electrical supplies are safely secured.

Making good (2 days)

The crew have an initial clean-up and carry out any repairs – filling holes in the wall, repairing any damage to the floor or removing any wiring or piping that’s to be replaced. 

Cabinet-making (10 days)

This takes place in a specialist workshop and the work is scheduled so the cabinets are ready for installation when all the other work is complete.

Plumbing (2 days)

The plumber makes any changes needed to water and waste supplies for the sink and dishwasher. 

Electrical work (2 days) 

The electrician runs cables to the correct positions for any new lighting, power points for the worktops and fixed power points for the major appliances. If appliances are in new positions, the electrician will have to cut and make good new channels in the walls, connecting and testing new cabling to existing circuits and updating the safety switch. 

Plastering (2-4 days plus drying time before painting)

Plasterers make good any damaged surfaces around old tiling or power points. In some cases, they may install a ‘dry wall’ to conceal any pipe work or other surface fittings. Then they apply a first coat, allow the plaster to dry and finish with a skim coat. 

Painting (2 -3 days)

Painters apply a first watery coat on new plaster once it has dried, which can take several days. They finish with one or two coats of the chosen colour

Tiling (2-3 days)

Tiling is probably minimal in a kitchen – a splashback behind the sink and a protective layer of tiles or a heat-resistant panel behind the cooker. 

Flooring (1-2 days)

Flooring might take place before or after cabinets and fixed appliances are installed. Vinyl flooring takes just a few hours, but stone, tiled or wooden flooring will take longer, particularly if there are complex shapes to cut around cabinets or island units.

Installation (4-5 days)

The crew can now fit cabinets and worktops and install the fixed appliances. The electrician connects and tests appliances, power points and lighting, and the plumber connects the sink, dishwasher and any gas appliances. The painter might have to touch up any areas damaged during installation. 

Inspection (1/2 day)

Any electrical, gas or plumbing work is inspected to make sure it complies with local regulations.


That schedule takes around 20 working days or longer allowing for each stage to follow on immediately. However, any small problems or delays in starting the next stage can easily stretch the finishing time. However, a new kitchen is a great investment for your home, so you’ll probably find the wait is worthwhile. 


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