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Kitchen Design Ideas and Trends For 2023

by Jonny S | 16/04/2021

Image Credit: Pixabay

With families everywhere spending much more time together at home, our kitchens are no longer just the service area for food prep and plating up. Because in the end, this last year has significantly changed the way we all cook together, entertain each other, and celebrate the little things. As such, our kitchen trends are changing too.

As we all look towards our future, these are the hottest kitchen design ideas that are popping freshly baked right out of the oven. Mark these words… 2021 is going to be a big year for kitchen renovations.

High tech faucets

There are so many new faucet features coming at us this year, but we’ll concentrate on just two. The first style to get on board with are taps that dispense boiling hot water at all times, which is perfect for making a quick coffee or tea on the go during a Zoom call. In fact, this is certainly one trend that has most likely been spurred on by so many people working remotely who got over waiting for kettles to boil sometime in June and want their hot water on demand.

The other style of high tech faucet was also popularised by last year’s heightened hygiene awareness at home combined with our desire for everything to come with hands-free functionality. The very latest in kitchen design technology, these are either touchless, motion-controlled taps or touch-tap faucets in brushed or matte finishes. Not only does this low-maintenance upgrade not show any fingerprints, but installing any one of these new faucets in a kitchen renovation plan will be the easiest update for many in all of 2021.

Stand-out statement sinks

The biggest trend in kitchens for 2021 will almost certainly be stand-out sinks which take centre stage by making a statement. Simply incorporating unexpectedly ornate detail with understated countertops and cabinets will allow any unique and gorgeous statement sink to stand out by taking centre stage. Think deeper sinks with darker tones, matte bronze finishes, or brightly coloured golds. Or any number of different metal materials, all of which are presented in more traditional silhouettes.

The best part is that out of all the other remodel trends for the year ahead, this may be another one of the more basic upgrades to install in your kitchen. Because it’s quite often an easy job to swap out a kitchen sink without needing to remodel the entire space. That being said, if there are any differences in width or depth, you may need a professional to manage the alterations.

Interactive entertainment zones

Likely gearing up to becoming a defining trend of the next decade, spatial planning or zoning will be replacing the open-plan design. Also being called a broken-plan interior, this phenomenon retains the spacious open plan feeling by creating distinct zones that can be opened up using moveable screens, furniture, cabinetry, plants, or double-wide doors. These niches are crucial when planning to upgrade the design of your kitchen because this is one space you’ll want to ensure is openly interactive so there’s room to gather to eat food while socialising with friends.

Now that the updated family dynamic has caused the kitchen to become our main heartbeat inside of our homes, it has allowed for a new rearrangement for opening up floor styles and creating separate fluid motions between each new functional zone. And as more homeowners are designing their kitchens with connecting zones in the next room or even through to the outdoor space of a patio, each zone can be expanded as needed whether it is intended for entertaining, cooking, or relaxing.

Dark surfaces

One kitchen renovation trend that has really taken hold recently is following the fashion for making a feature of dark surfaces. This newly popular design idea has seemingly stemmed from the shift towards designing kitchens with a two-tone theme. Dark kitchen benchtops and counters can be flatteringly offset by bright colours and lighter furniture to make them work in any sized room or space – plus, it’s an easy way to create a sense of sophistication and luxury. Combining dark greys and blacks with textured finishes and woods can add a homely, rustic charm to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen design, too.

Minimalist style

Streamline designs in kitchen renovation are set to take centre stage too this year. The calming space created by a minimalist, less-is-more approach, is a contemporary look that is easy to achieve. Prioritising practicality is the key. It may even result in a lower kitchen renovation cost, too. That said, high quality materials that bring strong lines to the space is as important as the functionality when it comes to pulling off a minimalistic space, as well as lots of cleverly thought-out, hidden storage.

Statement splashbacks

Staying on trend when it comes to nailing your kitchen renovation is much easier when you experiment with the elements and don’t worry quite so much about keeping it safe. Unique statements are all the rage, from ceiling splashbacks to waterfall islands, mixing it up with your textural-look components can really bring the space to life. Two-tone or monochrome kitchen designs can really complement a wild, statement splashback, whilst balancing it out for an appealing overall aesthetic that isn’t ‘too much.’

Industrial style

When it comes to fashionable kitchen design ideas, an industrial style is high on the list of popular modern aesthetics. The use of raw materials rich in texture and tones, have been gaining popularity and will continue to do so throughout 2021. Concrete finishes, as well as metal, offer a truly unique design and finish. Metal framing is an eye-catching element of kitchen design that is continuing to grow in popularity, and can be a great option for incorporating open shelving. The metal finishes can then be carried through to table legs and taps etc., to create a satisfyingly cohesive look.

Final thoughts

From the coolest new cabinetry to clever combinations of colours, these are the very latest in bang on kitchen trends. While cleanliness and hygiene both continue being on-brand for the year that was, these kitchen design ideas will also see the fusion of food preparation with social consumption in the kitchen while surrounded by our closest family members and friends.

And finally, as we all collectively leave the dumpster fire of 2020 behind us while moving towards this new decade together as one, it certainly seems likely that more detailed craftsmanship will be combined with a warm, comfortable feeling of home which will ultimately become the key design trends of the decade ahead.

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