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Dulux Paint Colours That Are Currently Trending – [2023]

by Jonny S | 07/04/2019

Trending Dulux Paint Colours

A fresh coat of paint can make the world of difference to the look and feel of your home. But unless you have been religiously scrolling through Pinterest or you’re an interior decorator, then it’s likely that you are a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice. (Who knew there were 1,000 shades of white to pick from?!)

Fortunately, we can help you out with that! If you’re thinking of painting your home or your office space, (or getting Houseace painters in to help out), you may get some inspiration from knowing what paint colours are currently on trend and transforming homes in Sydney.

Here we’ve rounded up 7 Dulux paint colours that are currently trending at Houseace. Hopefully this list will be a useful source of inspiration for your own home improvement project!

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Lexicon Half White and Lexicon Quarter White

Kicking off this list is the hallmark of all paint colours – white. White is a timeless classic so it is really no surprise that all-white walls and decor remains a hugely popular interior design trend.

The most popular white paints that we use at Houseace on properties in Sydney are the Dulux Lexicon Half White and the Dulux Lexicon Quarter White. This is for both exterior painting and interior painting Sydney.

Both are lovely warm white colours and create an ideal backdrop for any space. The colours instantly brighten up a room while lending depth and dimension, creating a homely and spacious modern look.

The Dulux Vivid White and Dulex Natural White follow closely behind as popular white paint colours. We’d recommend Vivid White for really adding light to an ultra-modern space.  Conversely, Natural White is better for creating cosiness while keeping that clean, cohesive look.

Monument Grey

2019 is the year of neutrals and there is arguably no colour more neutral than grey. At Houseace, Dulux’s Monument Grey is a sure favourite for homeowners wanting to introduce a little bit of character to their interior design.

Grey brings a sense of tranquillity to a room. If you are a grey enthusiast looking for a slight variation from the obvious neutral paint colour ideas, Monument Grey is an excellent choice.

Effortlessly versatile, this light grey shade of paint looks great with pastel shades (a light pink sofa or pink cushions would work really well).


It is somewhat difficult to put your finger on what colour blueprint is exactly. The colour is usually described as a medium hue between soft denim and navy.

Whatever shade you identity it as, Blueprint is fast becoming a favourite amongst homeowners. This hue works beautifully with elegant furnishings and also looks great when paired with the colour mustard.

It is quite versatile, simple and approachable while still achieving an elegant look and feel. If you are remodelling your space, you can experiment with this bold hue for a personalised and unique room.


Spanish Olive

Expect to see green a lot this year! Fundamental in nature and life, green is a statement colour that brings an element of lushness to a room and is extremely popular at the moment.

The Dulux Spanish Olive shade of green is sophisticated in every aspect. It works effortlessly with natural wood furnishings or furniture and textural weave, which is probably why we’re seeing so many customers choose to include this colour in their home design, whether it’s for a statement wall or the entire house.

The colour is wonderfully gender neutral, a perfect balance between femininity and masculinity. Like white, Spanish Olive is perfect for creating the illusion of an open and spacious room. Go with this botanical hue for a warm, minimalist vibe.


kitchen renovation

Dark moody tones are becoming a common feature in homes and we don’t expect this trend to fade anytime soon.

Dulux’s Domino is the perfect deep and dark saturated colour to use on your walls if you want to create a stately and elegant look. You don’t need a lot of the colour to make a huge difference in a home. The colour certainly packs a punch and just painting it on an accent wall may do the trick. However, you might want to use it in spaces that receive abundant natural light for that cosy, warm and elegant look. Read about our home decorating ideas and hacks.

Coral Blossom or Mexican Standoff

The paint colour Living Coral was picked by Pantone as the 2019 colour of the year, so it’s no surprise that a orange-coral colour is also on our list.

As a paint colour, coral is dazzling and bright with an ability to give life to even the drabbest of rooms. Dulux’s Coral Blossom and Mexican Standoff are two very popular paint colours that are far more versatile than you may think. Though definitely accent colours, both can be used to bring a pop of colour into most neutral spaces, whether it’s the kitchen island, a feature wall in the living room, or an old chair that needs a new lease of life. If you are considering painting your kitchen, check out the top kitchen renovation trends for this year.

Night Watch

We do love bright warm colours on walls here at Houseace, but rich, bold and dark colours can also add immense personality to any space – and that’s what Night Watch brings to the table.

This colour invites everyone who craves intensity and drama to play. The dark and intimate green colour is PPG’s colour of the year for 2023 and it has a certain element of lavishness to it that makes a space feel inviting and elegant.

While this may not be the first colour that comes to mind when you think of paint colours, Night Watch can really transform the function and purpose of a room. Find a large and well-lit room in your home for this invigorating colour for a statement look.

Trending Dulux Paint Colours

Coffee Clay

The smell of coffee brewing brings a comforting feeling to many people’s minds, and you can have that idea of coffee throughout your home with this relaxed, restrained hue. Coffee Clay is a subtle light brown that will pair very well with medium blues and other browns. It’s the perfect primary colour for a large space, and its soft tones and comforting aesthetic make it ideal for sunlit areas. 

Master Blue

There is nothing subtle about Master Blue. This is part of Dulux’s Comeback line, and it is bright and powerful, sending a message and serving as a major accent for any room it is used in. This colour is vibrant and the perfect hue to use in areas with throwback furniture and some funky design choices. 


This heavy green is more dark than bold. Amphitrite is similar to jade and has that earthy feel to it that makes it great for spaces with wood or brick work. If used as a primary colour in a large space, it can feel somewhat overpowering, and it pairs better with lighter hues that aren’t quite as powerful, serving as a great secondary or tertiary colour in your scheme. Using it in a sunlit room will make it seem lighter, and it’s a good idea to see how this shade looks in different lighting situations to judge the mood it creates and whether it is right for your home. 

Gold Dust

This golden hue is the perfect punch-up colour. You can use it as an accent or as part of a feature wall, but it can be overpowering when used as the primary colour. It pairs really well with Silver Thaw and Madame Mauve, if you are looking to use it in very small doses. This is part of the serene Wholeself collection Dulux is releasing. 

New Life

This soft, grey hue is perfect for spaces that could use little more light in them. It’s part of Dulux’s Wholeself collection that emotes feelings of relaxation and wellness. It pairs well with other soft colours and the occasional bold one. Try using New Life as the dominant colour, a complementary colour as your secondary hue and a bold yellow or red as your third colour for a room that really pops.

Misty Grape

This trending shade of purple is serene and delightful, falling somewhere between mauve and dark purple. If you use it in a low light area, then it can help create a peaceful mood. If you want to stimulate the senses while using Misty Grape, then you’ll have to use some contrasting colours to make it stand out. It’s great as a primary colour or as a secondary colour that’s used to make a counterpoint to something more vibrant.


We love how calming and peaceful this reddish hue is. It’s not vibrant or bold, and it doesn’t fall to the other end of the spectrum and end up as light and airy. Instead, it lies somewhere in the middle, and it creates a sense of quietness in any room. Dulux’s Warmth is superb at catching the rays of the sun and spreading their glow across the room. It is also ideal for artificial light at night, creating a sense of comfort no matter what the conditions are outside that room. Use this hue on whichever room in the house serves as your retreat from the world and your place of relaxation. 

Red Ochre

A lovely blend of red and gold tones, this soft colour works well with other soft colours in your home’s palette. The warm tone is ideal for kitchen, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms or as an accent colour in the bathroom or laundry room. Red ochre recalls the idea of sun-worn pueblos in the desert and early sunrise on a peaceful morning. The natural look and soft hue make it a good fit for homes with touches of nature in them.

Shetland Lace Half

Somewhere between eggshell white and tan resides this gentle colour. It’s a great colour to use in large swatches across your walls, creating a colour scheme for your home that revolves around its soft hues. It’s also a good fit for modern homes with contemporary designs, which tend to feature a lot of silver and white. This light colour will work well with that kind of scheme without standing out too much and looking out of place.


If you want a retro look with some bold colours and bright tones, then you can try the Dulux Limone paint. It’s a bright yellow that works very well with other bright hues, like blue, green and red. Together, these colours can create a dashing palette that is eccentric and exciting. Pair it with some retro furniture or fixtures and you’ll have a groovy look that will feel like a blast from the past.  

Choosing the right paint colour

How do you pick a colour that’s perfect for your project? You’ll want to start by setting a colour scheme. Decide what works well not just with the room you are painting but also the rest of the house. Your colour should also reflect the mood or purpose of the room. You may want lighter colours for a child’s room and darker colours for a workroom that isn’t meant to have many distractions.

You should split up your colours as well. There is a painting rule that says that your dominant colour should take up 60% of the space, but there should also be some lesser colours in there to break things up and give your room a sense of design. Typically, you should have 30% dedicated to a secondary colour and 10% to a tertiary colour. 

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