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Discover the Trending Dulux Paint Colours for 2024

by Jonny S | 07/04/2019

In the ever-evolving realm of home decor, house painting continues to be a dominant player in 2024. The transformative power of paint, whether it’s an entirely new house painting project or a simple DIY accent wall to freshen your interiors, remains an affordable and effective option. With the continuous advancement in painting techniques, the fusion of innovative designs with traditional styles, and the introduction of eco-friendly paints, we witness a revolution in house painting.

How aware are you of the current trends? How do you select the perfect paint colour and a suitable painting technique for your home? Keep reading to explore the trending Dulux Paint Colours of 2024 and gain some practical insights into house painting.

Let’s delve into the fascinating world of 2024 house painting trends. Inquisitive homeowners, design enthusiasts and professional decorators alike will find a plethora of inspiration as they navigate the captivating spectrum of paint hues and finishes anticipated to dominate the year. From serene blues and earthy greens to enticingly rich browns and dark shades, we will embark on a colour journey that highlights the top choices for 2024. Incorporating these trending house painting colours can completely transform your home’s aesthetic and overall feeling.

Advancements in technology have also paved the way for innovation in finishes, providing a wide array of choices from the traditional matte and glossy finishes to more specialized ones that cater to specific design and functionality requirements. But what is it about these colours and finishes that make them stand out in the world of house painting? Let’s peel back the layers and look at the key reasons why these trends deserve your attention in 2024.

“As every year unfolds, home design trends evolve, and our colour preferences are no exception. 2024 house painting trends reflect a collective desire for rejuvenation, tranquility, and connection to nature, all of which can be achieved via the strategic use of colour and texture.”

  • Serene Blues: Representing calmness and relaxation, shades of blue like Coastal blue, will continue to be popular in 2024. These shades are perfect for creating a peaceful retreat in bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Earthy Greens: Emulating the soothing effect of nature, earthy greens are likely to take center stage in 2024. These hues are excellent choices for those aiming to create harmonious spaces that exude a comforting ambiance.
  • Rich Browns: For homeowners seeking a rustic charm, rich brown tones will be in vogue. Such hues provide an inviting and warm feel to any room, making it feel cozy and homey.
  • Dark Shades: If you’re interested in adding a touch of sophistication and depth to your interiors, current trends suggest a shift towards dark shades. These hues can help create fascinating depths and accents within a space.

Embracing the Calm with Soft Black

Are you craving tranquility and relaxation in your home environment? Consider bringing a sense of calm to your rooms with Soft Black in 2024. This understated and elegant shade exudes an air of sophistication and comfort, wrapping you in a gentle, soothing ambiance. Doesn’t your contemporary living space deserve a touch of this timeless elegance?

Introducing Vibrancy with Pastel Green

How about incorporating light and vibrancy in your house painting project with Pastel Green this year? Pastel Green has surged in popularity in 2024, enhancing indoor spaces with a refreshing, youthful look. Can you imagine a better way to brighten your kitchen or perhaps your home office?

Rustic Charm with Rich Brown

Seeking a warm, earthy tone that brings subtlety and a rustic charm to any room? Rich Brown may just be the hue for you. This rich, dense pigment may look stunning when paired with the trendy soft blush or worn terracotta tones. Its luxurious allure might be a welcome addition to your lounging area, don’t you think?

Fascinating Depths with Dark Shades

Have you mulled over the appeal of dark shades for your house painting project? The dark colour trend in 2024 is turning admiration into action as homeowners embrace hues like Emerald Green, Medium Blue, and Whale’s Tail. These colours bring an unexpected depth and sophistication to spaces. Haven’t you always wanted to experience the romance of a dark, dramatic setting?

Refreshing Spaces with Shades of Blue

Are you on the lookout for house painting ideas that make your home feel serene and inviting? Shades of Blue such as Sky Blue and Deep Ocean can create a refreshing ambiance in any room. Pair these shades with clean white accents to achieve a tranquil coastal look for your house painting project in 2024. Who wouldn’t appreciate the refreshing aesthetic of a seaside getaway within their living space?

Going Green – The Earthy Way

And what about capturing the essence of nature with Earthy Green for a grounded neutral? Earthy Green can transform your home into a calming space, infusing it with a sense of rootedness and balance. After all, who wouldn’t love their homes to evoke a garden sanctuary, right in the heart of the city?

Trending Dulux Paint Colours

In the realm of house painting for 2024, Dulux continues to lead with innovation, introducing an array of colours that embrace global trends and individual expressions. This year’s foreseen favorites are steeped in calming blues and cozy neutrals, shifting away from the cold whites and grays popular in the past.

Coastal Blues

Dulux’s collection of coastal-inspired blues, ranging from subtle pastels to bold teals, positions itself at the forefront of 2024 house painting trends. Reflective of serene sea vistas, these shades harness the rejuvenating essence of nature, bringing a breath of fresh air into your living spaces. Whether your style leans towards the gentle, pastel Azure Sky tones or the vibrant, oceanic Deep Lagoon hue, Dulux’s coastal blues promise a balance of tranquility and energy.


Dulux has embraced Dutchboy Paint’s colour of the year, Ironside. This deep olive shade exudes elegance and creates a welcoming atmosphere in every room it graces. This versality of Ironside allows it to perfectly pair with both bold and subtle colour palettes, encouraging a sense of warmth and homeliness.


Find your fresh start in the coming year with C2 Paint’s 2024 colour of the year, Thermal. A mid-tone blue, this hue is both refreshing and calming, mirroring the serenity of autumn skies and crystalline winter landscapes, perfectly narrated by Philippa Radon, an acclaimed interior designer and C2 Paint colour specialist. Its poised presence in your space injects both vibrancy and serenity, an ideal choice for any homeowner considering a transformation in their house painting project in 2024.

Pairing perfectly with the house painting trends for 2024 is C2’s Thermal shade of blue, brought into the Dulux family for its refreshing, calming, and exciting attributes. This striking blue, as endorsed by interior designer Philippa Radon, brings an invigorating touch to your paint colour choices, dominating the scene with its vibrant charm.

Neutral Hues

Joining the 2024 trend of utilizing bold hues as neutrals throughout your home, Dulux introduces a range of dynamically subtle and warm shades. Some of these include Sherwin-Williams’s Redend Point, a beautifully understated colour to accentuate any room, and Rust-Oleum’s colour of the year: Satin French Blue, a calming mid-tone, perfect for facilitating relaxation and tranquility.

Whether you are interested in reflecting simplicity with Glidden’s Limitless, a nearly-yellow neutral, or seeking serenity with Valspar’s Renew Blue, a soft sky blue, Dulux ensures an extensive range of versatile, elevating hues suitable for every taste.

In 2024, we are witnessing a shift towards calming blues and neutrals, leading the trend in home decor and house painting. Examples of such shades include Rust-Oleum’s soothing Satin French Blue, a calming mid-tone hue, and Krylon’s Bluebird, an uplifting spin on pastel blue, as suggested by Ashley Banbury, colour Marketing Manager at Krylon. These colours are not only comforting but also bring joy and contentment to any space they are applied to.

For those favoring classic shades, worry not. Blue has become the new neutral, and appropriately, the new staple in house painting. According to Sue Kim, Valspar’s director of colour marketing, “Blue is a versatile shade, adaptable to a myriad of design styles and applications”. Whether you’re drawn to Valspar’s Renew Blue, which enhances the day-to-day mood and brings balance and tranquility, or favour the rich, grounding effect of Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova, there is a blue for everyone.

Not a fan of painting all your walls in these trendy hues? Why not consider employing bold colours as neutrals throughout your home? By using a serene shade like Upward SW 6239, which symbolizes forward momentum, on ceilings or as an accent colour, you can seamlessly introduce tones of tranquility and peace into your living space. Integrating these poignant hues into your home not only encapsulates the very essence and energy of a carefree, sunny day, but it’s also sure to blend harmoniously with any colour scheme.

Ultimately, 2024 is manifesting itself as a year for grounding and renewal, with house painting trends significantly reflecting this. As we take strides towards creating a balanced, calm, and content environment, Dulux’s expansive selection remains a reliable choice for homeowners embarking on this transformative journey.

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Insider Secrets: How the Pros Choose Dulux Colours

Expert colour selection in 2024 involves being aware of and responding to current trends in house painting, while also maintaining a keen sense for timelessness and aesthetic durability. Here are some insightful facts on how professionals determine the best Dulux paint colours for their projects:

  • Professionals often base their Dulux colour decisions on the interplay between classic and contemporary styles. For instance, they may echo the grounding effects of Dulux’s ‘Ironside’, Dutch Boy Paints’ colour of the Year for 2024, intending to cultivate an elegant, inviting atmosphere.
  • In 2024, a new trend has emerged among professionals to use bold hues as neutrals. These serve to add character to a space while maintaining its neutrality. The approach exemplifies a useful frisson between tradition and trend.
  • Subtle colours with strong undertones have piqued professionals’ interest. This trend moves away from plain neutrals, introducing a more nuanced and distinctive aesthetic into interior design.
  • Dulux offers a wide cross-section of blues, a classic shade that has assumed the role of a new neutral in 2024’s house painting landscape, as indicated by Sue Kim, Valspar’s director of colour marketing.
  • The contextual importance of colour is critical. Just as Benjamin Moore’s colour of the Year, ‘Blue Nova’, manifests different visual nuances in varying settings, so too the savvy professional will carefully consider the specific light and space conditions of each home before selecting a Dulux shade.
  • The professionals are aware that paint finish matters as much as colour selection. Different sheens can significantly affect the way colour manifests in a room, making choosing the right paint finish an essential part of the process.

Lexicon Half White and Lexicon Quarter White

An enduring classic in interior design, white remains at the peak of popular paint trends. The perpetually stylish appeal of all-white walls and furnishings continues to command the spotlight in contemporary home décor.

Among the white palettes, Dulux’s Lexicon Half White and Lexicon Quarter White emerge as top choices for house painting in 2024, gracing both interiors and exteriors of homes in Sydney.

Offering a sleek, minimalist appeal, these variants of white enable self-expression in your home’s design, subtly underscoring key features and providing a perfect backdrop for bold decor elements. Consequently, if you are looking for a fresh, clean aesthetic for your home in 2024, the Lexicon selection checks all the boxes.

Dutch Boy’s Ironside, a deep olive hue, emerges as another vibrant option in the 2024 colour catalog. This sophisticated shade exudes an inviting warmth and elegance, revitalizing and enlivening spaces. Are you considering introducing a bold, yet welcoming atmosphere to your home? Then Ironside could be the answer.

Global influences are not left behind as they inform a palpable shift towards cozier, warmer tones. Consequently, 2024 seems to be moving away from the stark whites and grays that previously dominated house painting trends. This shift towards warmer tones makes spaces feel more intimate and homely, perfect for creating a comfy, relaxing environment in your home.

Another refreshing shade expected to trend in 2024 is C2’s Thermal. Described by interior designer Philippa Radon as “refreshing, calming, and exciting”, this unique shade of blue brings a tranquil yet vibrant appeal to homes. Whether you are embracing the new trend of using bold hues as neutrals or seeking to create a distinctive style in your rooms, this blue tone offers a visually captivating option.

Blue Nova 825, Benjamin Moore’s 2024 colour of the Year, elevates the scope of house painting colours. This shade is a fusion of blue and violet, inspired by the brilliant luminosity of a nascent star in outer space. Its captivating, colour-bending nuance can lend a whole new dimension to your house, making it a powerful choice for homeowners who revel in modern colour plays.

Experts also underscore the importance of paint pairings, which play a critical role in coordinating colour schemes. Whether you’re aiming to highlight specific architectural details or create a cohesive, pleasing aesthetic, the right pairing can create a striking visual impact. For 2024, expect trends that emphasize complementarity and contrast, bringing depth and dynamism into your home’s design.

Above all, it’s your home and the colours you choose should reflect you and your style. The trend for 2024 encourages homeowners to express themselves through their paint colour choices – don’t be scared to embrace it!

Brighten Your Mornings: Dulux Bedroom Colours That Inspire

To ignite a spark of inspiration and a desire for transformation in your home this 2024, soak in the compelling hues offered by Dulux’s paint selection. These carefully curated shades offer a fresh perspective on home aesthetics, inviting warmth and comfort into your living quarters.

Bearing in mind the increasing global influence on home decor preferences, warmer and cozier colours are making a significant comeback, paving the way for a shift from stark whites and grays to bold, nature-inspired hues. Whether you’re looking for an invigorating burst of colour or a calming atmosphere, Dulux’s range can cater to all your aesthetic needs.

Coastal blues, for instance, capture hues ranging from subtle pastels to striking teals. This coastal-inspired palette effortlessly transforms your bedroom into a serene oasis—an ideal setting for those seeking tranquility within their homes.

One of Dulux’s particularly intriguing offerings is Krylon’s Bluebird, a remarkable twist on pastel blue.  The uplifting nature of this shade provides comfort, adding a touch of joy and contentment to your space. colour marketing managers have praised the mood-enhancing potential of this charming paint colour.

The natural beauty of Rust-Oleum’s colour of the Year, Satin French Blue, offers a calming mid-tone that turns your bedroom into a restful sanctuary. Harnessing the tranquility of cool tones, this shade effortlessly enhances the elegance and sophistication of a room.

For a taste of the unexpected, consider giving your walls or ceiling a fresh coat of Upward SW 6239. This soft blue hue embodies the gentle forward momentum of life, bringing a carefree, sunny energy into your home. Use it as a neutral tone to keep the atmosphere light and peaceful.

Minwax’s Bay Blue stain offers adaptability for a coastal or sophisticated aesthetic. Meanwhile, Glidden’s Limitless is a warm, nearly-yellow neutral that blends harmoniously with any colour scheme, and Valspar’s Renew Blue creates a serene, meditative setting with its soft sky blue shade.

colours that evoke joy and calmness are expected to dominate 2024, particularly for rooms meant for retreat and respite. Away from the noise and drama, these tranquil shades of paint offer a comforting haven within the spaces of your home.

Dulux’s Guide to Choosing the Right Paint Finish in 2024

In 2024, creating a unique, personalized space through effective house painting will be more crucial than ever. The year’s trend is characterised by an emphasis on self-expression, which can be largely achieved through strategic paint colour choices. Therefore, here are some essential suggestions for choosing the right paint finish to match this trend.

To make a commanding statement with your housing paint, consider deep and welcoming hues such as Ironside, Dutch Boy Paint’s 2024 colour of the year. This transformative shade is designed to infuse an official yet vibrant ambiance into your spaces. While choosing deep hues, it’s crucial to pair them with gloss or semi-gloss finishes, which can enhance their inherent elegance.

However, a rising trend in 2024 will witness many homeowners lean towards mid-tone hues to subtly express their distinctiveness. Notable among mid-tones is Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s colour of the Year 2024. Furthermore, Rust-Oleum’s 2024 colour of the year, Satin French Blue, a calming mid-tone blue, is gearing to influence the painting trends of 2024. These mid-tones are best paired with eggshell or satin finishes that have a slight shine, reinforcing their refined appeal.

For those enamored by undertones, the 2024 painting sphere highlights the importance of balance and individuality. Shades with colour-bending nuances, like Benjamin Moore’s 2024 colour of the year, Blue Nova, are set to take center stage. This blend of blue and violet is inspired by the astoundingly sublime view of a new star being formed in space. When paired with a flat or matte finish, the subtle undertones in such hues are accentuated, producing a stunningly balanced aesthetic.

Ultimately, it’s all about knowing what vibe you want your space to emit and choosing a finish that complements your colour selection. So, ready to transform your home with paint in 2024? Consider these practical tips and make the most of the emerging trends in house painting.

Thinking of Painting Your Home?

As we venture further into 2024, the art of house painting is witnessing an exciting shift. Grappling with the latest domestic visuals, it has everything conceivable from subtle whispers of soft tones to loud declarations of bold hues. Have you thought about introducing a touch of tranquility with pastel shades? Or perhaps you’re considering an embrace of the rustic charm with a rich brown palette? Maybe it’s time for an exploration into fascinating depths with dark tones, or brightening your spaces with cooling shades of blue. Whatever the inclination, there is a trend to cater to your unique aesthetic preference.

We understand that finding the perfect paint for your home can be an overwhelming experience. With an array of options to choose from, you might find yourself puzzled about what suits your space, your style, and your budget. That’s why, to help guide your painting endeavors, we’ve rounded up the most coveted colour combinations, the trendiest Dulux paint colours, and the most inspiring colour schemes of residential spaces in 2024.

Quote: “Choosing the right colour can transform your living space, reflecting not only your personality but also influencing our mood and perception.” – Jane T, professional interior designer.

If you’re contemplating painting your home with the latest Dulux trends, don’t hesitate to tap into our expertise. We can provide insights on colour pairings, paint finishes, and more. As a bonus, you can now get an instant quote with our easy-to-use tool. Ready to paint the town – or at least your home – in your colour? Get an instant quote now.

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