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Three Design Ideas To Renovate And Refresh Your Property

by Jonny S | 08/09/2021


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Renovating your property is a great way to freshen up your living space or add value to an asset. Maybe you’re seeking some small home improvements for yourself? Or you’re letting and want to make a few adjustments to keep a competitive edge in the rental market? Perhaps you’re a property developer who needs a top-to-bottom renovation so you can sell on for a handsome profit? 


Whatever your motivation for renovating might be, there are a number of trends catering to the demands and desires of the contemporary householder to pick from.


Before you get started though, you need to first establish whether any planning permission is required to renovate your property. If you are a developer looking at buying an apartment within a shared ownership complex, for instance, you may only be able to make very minor renovations and only with approval from the owners association. Once you have verified your legal standing, the work can begin. The following are the three biggest design trends to enhance your property. 

Eco-friendly design


For many people, living in an environmentally conscious way is important. Leading a sustainable lifestyle starts with the design of your home. There is a dual incentive for investing in eco-friendly features in your property. Ethically, it can help to reduce your carbon footprint. Economically, it can save money on energy bills. 


For investors, environmental design will therefore make your property more appealing to a growing chunk of the market. You can start to make your property more eco-friendly with small, inexpensive adjustments


Installing high-quality window shades is a great way to naturally monitor the temperature of the house. In summer, shades can limit AC usage by keeping heat out. Equally, in winter months, they act as a form of insulation, reducing the need for heating. 


Whilst on this topic, upgrading the insulation in your property is perhaps the best way to optimise energy efficiency. This is particularly important for developers fixing up older properties. 


Consider insulating walls and attics, and installing double or triple glazing. The money invested in added insulation will quickly be recouped from reduced energy bills. Harnessing renewables to power your home is another way to cut costs in the long term. Solar panels allow you to generate your own energy supply and are a great option for people living in areas with lots of sunlight. 

Smart home tech

One of the biggest property trends over the last decade is the integration of smart technology into homes. Smart home tech refers to the use of electronic devices and appliances within people’s homes that are connected centrally and controlled remotely. Basically, it is about making your living space more convenient through technology. 

The fact that smart home tech is liked across multiple age demographics underlines that it is no gimmick. It represents the future of housing and is highly coveted by consumers. One of the more common functions of smart home tech is security. If you are renovating, you can modernise your entry system with video doorbells and electronic locks, all linked to your phone. 

Smart locking systems can be configured with fingerprint recognition and touchscreen unlocks, dispensing of the need for a key. If you’re looking for added entertainment, built-in speakers can be added to a property. Wires are old-school; these audio systems can be mounted in walls, ceilings and furniture. 

The home office

During the pandemic, many people have had to use their homes for something which they are just not properly set up to do: work. The signs are that working from home is here to stay, even after offices can open at full capacity. In the coming years, there will be a growing demand for functional home offices.

The best working-from-home setups are amply spacious, with room for large piles of documents and storage. Natural light is also key to creating a productive workspace. Renovations that can accommodate a full home office will add immediate value to a property. 

Eco-friendly, energy efficient design, integrated smart technology and home offices are three property trends that will define the decade. Incorporating these features when renovating will immediately make your properties more desirable. 

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