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Top Trends For Window Treatments In 2023

by Jonny S | 11/05/2021

Image Credit: Pixabay

Just like all other design aspects inside your home, modern window treatment trends are also well known to emerge and evolve over the years. In fact, revamping your windows is actually one of the easiest and most effective ways to revitalise the aesthetic of a room. With that in mind, here are just a few of the top trends for window treatment in 2021.

Accent your windows with a little style

Accented elements are important for the design of interior spaces in the modern home, so you can expect blinds and shades with bold prints or dramatic patterns throughout 2021 and beyond. 

Roller shades with a quirky styled design can really brighten up a room, whereas woven natural textures on wooden blinds add a feeling of depth to internal spaces. Simply by choosing one accented feature, you can match it to suit your décor and it will instantly become the single focal point within the room. But just remember that less is more with accents, so make sure you keep them to a minimum.

Decluttering your windows works wonders

Speaking of the less is more philosophy, decluttering and cleaning your windows is also an important factor to consider for your window treatments in general. Aim for clean lines and simplicity with your windows as when they’re too busy, they can ultimately cause additional stress which makes a room feel uncomfortable. 

Cover your windows with modern curtains and lightweight roller shades in coordinated colours, or maybe a contemporary take on the traditional style of cascading Roman shades. Choose gorgeous fabrics which preserve their original styles, allowing them to stack neatly when they’re pulled up to let a little sunshine into your life.

Create homey spaces with your windows

Along with rustic vogue and vintage design styles, cottagecore was immensely popular over the last year. And following on from the natural interior style, cottagecore featuring curtains and blinds in natural fabrics in flowery florals is certainly looking to become a returning trend. 

Particularly in quaint stylish kitchens and bathrooms. You may want to pair window draperies with more minimalistic style treatments such as cream-coloured blinds or white painted shutters. Cottagecore styles can also feature window dressings in traditional fabrics from vintage prints to older style motifs, and colourful pastels to muted palettes.

Curtain tie backs bring the vibes back

Continuing on from the more simplistic themes of yesteryear, curtain tie backs are having another moment. Because not only will tie backs allow your curtains to be held in place when you want them drawn, but they can do so beautifully. 

So if you have any kind of flowy draperies inside your home, curtain tie backs are easily one of the most effective and useful accessories you can add. While it’s often a popular choice for curtain tie backs to be cut from the same patterned fabric as your curtains, you can also make them stand out by choosing a selection that really pops. 

Plus, the added sunlight they provide can also help brighten a room while also adding just a little extra flair to the look of your curtains.

Roamin’ around your roman shades

Beautifully blending style with functionality, it’s no wonder that Roman blinds are trending year after year. This is why Roman shades are consistently chosen as a safe window treatment by homeowners looking to put their property on the market. 

But despite them being around for many years, that doesn’t necessarily mean roman blinds have to be boring or dull. In fact, this style of window treatment simply has a minimalistic design that offers opening and closing with little to no-fuss. Roman Shades with black flat fold slats are especially emerging as one of the most trendy shade options of 2021.

These are the contemporary trends for window treatments that are set to take the interior design world by storm in 2021. So if you’re searching for an effective way to update the design styles inside your home, window treatments are often one of the best places to start. Because not only can the right window treatment transform how each room feels, they’re also able to change and enhance the design in ways that work for you and your family. 

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What are window treatments?

A window treatment is the modification or covering of a window with the aim of aesthetically enhancing either the window, the room, or usually both. For example, window treatments for bedrooms may differ in practicality and design requirements compared to window treatments for french doors. 


Types of window treatments include: 


  • Hard treatments such as shutters (wood, aluminium, vinyl or poly resin) 
  • Blinds (usually wood, faux wood, vinyl/fabric or aluminium) 
  • Shades, such as roman or roller fabric shades
  • Soft treatments such as drapery or curtains
  • Treatments around the windows, such as moldings or pelmets
  • Treatments applied to the glass itself, such as frosted or stained glass

What window treatments are in style?

Given how much time we have been spending at home, the trends are all directed towards making our homes as cozy and comfortable as possible. Fabrics and color choices that diffuse the natural light and create a peaceful, soothing feeling are all the rage. However, with so many people working from home, it is also a growing concern to perfectly manage the balance of filtered light, and there are some innovative options on the market that combine a room-darkening and a light-filtering fabric in one – just what you need to transition between a virtual meeting room and a relaxing evening space.


Woven textures and wood shades are also popular as the demand has increased to bring the outdoors in, and for many, increasing the earthy elements and natural lighting in their home reduces their stress levels.


Maximalism (more is more) is out – in its place, warm minimalism has taken center stage, creating relaxing sanctuaries using textures and layers with warm hues, whilst keeping it simplistic.

Where can I buy window treatments?

There are many places to choose from when it comes to shopping for window treatments, and it’s well worth taking the time to look around as there is a great variety between retailers. Some of the most popular places in Australia include Bunnings, Freedom, Westelm (specializing in organic fibres and non-toxic finishes) and Luxaflex Window Fashions. You can also find an assortment of options for window treatments for sliding doors here.

How do I do window treatments?

This is an article in itself, but the main factors to consider are:


  • Fully consider your requirements regarding light management in the room
  • Carefully choose colors or themes that will match decor 
  • Choose a length based on style and function (i.e puddling fabrics are not ideal in kitchens or playrooms)
  • Measure twice, fit once – check and check again before investing in expensive treatments


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